Tuesday, February 23, 2016

LadyLee Birthday Monies 2016

Dedicated to Sasha... who has a coin jar of her own!

I save all my change in a mason jar from birthday to birthday. I use it as "blow money", i.e., money that I can just blow on something I really want. I like to cash in my birthday change on my birthday, but that didn't happen this year. I decided to wait.

I did cash it in around a week later. That was the next time I would come across a Kroger with a coin counting machine.

I took a photo of my change jar first.

There's something different this year. I saved some dollar bills in the jar also.

Maybe I have done this in the past. But I think this year that the change jar was in the laundry room for the better part of the year (I don't know why, though), and I would throw in any change and dollar bills I pulled out of pants pockets while sorting laundry.

So I cashed it in.

$62 in change before the coin peoples took their cut.

And there was $32 in paper money.

Grand total? 32 +55.40 =



I didn't do anything with the money. I just put it up, and I will use it whenever I think up something I really want as a gift for myself. I was looking for a new satchel/briefcase for work, but LadyTee gave it to me one as a birthday gift (More on that later).

Thanks, LadyTee! That worked out great!

I got a $61 escrow refund check from my mortgage company, so I am going to put that with the money.  That will give me around $150. I can buy something nice enough with that.

So this was a good "blow money" haul.


  1. I do the same thing and if I used cash more often I would have a lot more. That jar is the best! I need to cash mine in from last year.

  2. I started mine a few years ago. I think the nephew has hit it a few times though. I have never dumped mine. I guess I will do it this year.

  3. I put loose change in an old jelly jar on the bookshelf in my room. When it fills up I pour it in a very long pasta storage container. I waited until the container filled up to start using the money. It took a few years to fill.

  4. Anonymous2:09:00 PM

    You know I haven't cashed in the change from my mason jar yet. My family told me those coin machines, like the one you used, charge a fee. So I've been lazy to go to the bank and get the wrappers for it. At this point it's just easier for me to go to the machine and cash in.
    Thanks for sharing your process.


    1. Yes, there is a processing fee. On that receipt above, it is $6.78. Around 10 cents per dollar. But, uh... I ain't rolled coins since 1980. And I am not rolling coins today, lol.

      So go to the bank and get some coin wrappers. (I think you can get wrappers at dollar tree). Or take the easy route- pay the machine to count it for you. Quick and easy.


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