Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday Night Fights

Here is is, 10:00 pm on a Monday night, and I am writing a post.

Sigh. Didn't have time to do it today. I like to work on my posts while I eat my lunch, but that didn't work out. I didn't even pack a lunch today. And Lady M was kind enough to bring me some curry chicken lentil peas concoction in an old Ragu glass jar. I heated that up and ate it right out of the jar, like a hobo or something.

It was good. And I promptly thanked God for providing my free lunch today. Glory.

This was a quiet weekend. I didn't work. Like I said in the previous post, there is no overtime, and I would be working for free.

Nerp. Not going down. SO WHAT if I am behind. I'm not really behind, though. We give a tally daily in these doggone meetings IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FRICKIN' DAY, and I am on track, seems like.

(I just don't understand meetings in the middle of the day. Throws everything off track, especially when they stretch beyond an hour long).

Anyway, I went to church this Saturday night. I haven't been all year, I must admit. We have extensive streaming of all services, so I see more services than I have ever in the past. But I had a talk with myself, and I decided that I wanted to be in the actual Church building, so I went. And it was good for me.

On Sunday, I ran up on Cowgirl Cre's Daddy, Daddy Cre. I needed some help with Pam.

Pam has a loose battery lead. And you know that resets the whole doggone computer each time it happens. It will fail emissions when that happens. So I have to drive a good 60 miles and before I get an emissions test. It's a trip when I do all that driving... and the battery cable comes loose. Sigh. Then I have to do it all over again.

Seeing that I haven't driven Pam in over a month (and that was to work one day, which is a 9.5 mile round trip), I decided to crank her up. She wouldn't crank, so I had to pop the hood and shake the battery cable. She crank right up, and I drove as fast as I could over to Daddy Cre's house.

He took a look at the situation. A couple of years ago, he solved this problem with a toothpick jammed into the connector. That broke off a while ago. (I had a box of toothpicks in my pocket just in case he needed them).

He walked off and came back with a screw. and he screwed it into the connector.

Man... that worked out well.

(Somebody else at some time stuck another screw in the other side. It is bootleg. But as long as Pam cranks up... let's get it!)

Daddy Cre went on to check all of Pam's fluids.
I am sure that Pam appreciated all of this. She is such a neglected girl. Lucy Jr. gets all my attention.

I walked on up in the house to see Mama Cre.

The first thing you see on the wall when you enter the house are pictures of the family.

And there is a big picture frame containing pictures of the current first family.
My goodness.  It brought tears to my eyes.


And it all becomes ESPECIALLY evident when I'm looking at the current presidential race.

I am NOT ready to look at Trump and his wife in the White House. No, no... NO!!!

Did you see the HAWT MESS that was going on this weekend. The repub candidates were all joning each other like they were in 7th grade. Then there was the KKK foolishness. Ain't nobody got time for that. No no... NO!!!

Then I think about the pictures above. Pictures of people with some class. People who look like me.

*LadyLee falls to the floor and cries uncontrollably*

I don't think Trump will win. I think they got something on him. And once people realize that they have to listen to him for 4 years, and his juvenile vocabulary, they will wise up. I hope.

Go Hillary. You are our only hope.

I do wish Obama could be president for 4 more years. I do wish he could be president... forever.

Anyway, back to Pam.

I went to get her emissions, and she passed. I snatched that piece of paper so fast that the tester's head was spinning. I'm riding clean now!

I text my boss earlier and let him know that I would be in to work between 11 and 12 noon. I got in around 10:44 am. My butt didn't hit the chair good enough before 2 supervisors were in my cubicle.


One wanted some paperwork. I would've had it done if there had been overtime. OH WELL.

My boss Ray said "I just saw your text."

I was wondering why he hadn't responded to my text message. But Ray gets a pass. He is not the crazy type to run up on you thinking you sneaking into work. Afterall, this is a cool dude. He has texted me pictures of the pork chops he's fried for dinner. And they looked quite tasty.

I finished my paperwork in another hour and a half, just in time for the meeting HELD IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY. Ugh.

Later, I ordered Pam's tag online. Yay! I got something big accomplished.

This is good. Last year, I didn't get Pam's emission until June. Emissions and tags are due by one's birthday. So at least I got it in my birthday month. That's great.

This is a leap year, so this is our extra day of the year. I was waiting for something spectacular to happen today.

I guess getting Pam's tag and emission will have to be my spectacular event of the day.

I will take that!


That's it for my evening post. Time for bed.

Have a great week on purpose!


  1. Ladylee,

    How old is Pam's battery? It may be time for a new one.

    1. Pam's battery is about 4 years old. I was thinking about having it tested the next time I go by the Auto Zone. But I know I haven't put more than 2000 miles on it in the last 4 years.


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