Tuesday, February 09, 2016

LadyLee Birthday Gifts 2016

I received a few birthday gifts, and I wasn't expecting them!

My cubicle mate Lady M gave me a candle. Her husband works in Africa off and on, and this past month he'd been in Swaziland.They are known for their candles and candle holders, and she knows I like candles. So she gave me one!

"Swaziland..."  I said. "What country is that in?"

"Swaziland is a country," she said.

"No it's not," I said.

And  this is where the trusty world map hanging in my cubicle comes in handy. We leaned down and looked at the bottom of the map at Africa. And yes, Swaziland is an actual country in Africa!

Man.  I learn something new everyday.

And we like to put people's names on the map to show where they are or where they have been. So Don has been to Swaziland!

It amazes me that, as an African American, I know every country in Europe, but I don't know every country (some 50 of them) in Africa. Hmm..

I walked into work last Friday and saw two more gifts on my desk.

I bring candy to work for our Sharbucks, but I  myself like GOOD candy. In other words, I have dove chocolates in my cubicle, and they are NOT for sharing. You  bustas can eat them silly snickers and hershey kisses! None of that for  me! I  live Doves!

I love Sanpellegrino sodas, a soda out of Italy. My coworker, Lady D, the youngster in our group, must've seen me drinking the lemon ones. This is a new flavor, pomegrante orange flavor. I saw it  in  the store, but I  didn't  know  if I would like it (they cost upwards of $7 for a 6 pack), so I passed them by.

So I was happy for these sodas. And I went downstairs to the break room for some ice and I tried it out!

Soooo good and refreshing!!

I rarely drink sodas (a six pack will last me 4-6 months), but when I want one, I want my favorite!

Thanks ladies for the gifts. 

You made my birthday bright!

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