Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Something New!

I FINALLY bought a set of new tires for Lucy Junior.


I have been pondering this for the past 2 or three months.

I have been teetering on the edge of angst concerning this tire purchase? Why?

Because the tires are for Lucy Jr.

And I am use to Pam.

And Pam only gets tires when Pam has a flat or a nail in the tire.

Pam has always had 4 different tires. I don't care if the tires match or not. As long as the car is rolling, I'm good. Now, last year, I actually purchased two brand new front tires for Pam, because the old ones looked like they were cracking or dry rotting or something strange. So I dropped $125 for 2 new tires.
But Lucy Jr... She's special. She needs a special Michelin tire.

I remember when I bought Lucy Jr. back in 2013. The owner, Lady M, said, "I like to buy Michelins for the lexus.They ride the nicest."

I looked down at the car and then back up at her. Ain't no way I'd sell a car with some Michelins on it. I would've had those taken off and had some $10 tires put on. Sure would have.

So at my last oil change, my Lexus specialist said it was time for some new tires. I grimaced. I knew I couldn't put any bootleg tires on Lucy Jr.

I wrote down the name of the tire and started looking around on the internet for them. I called a few places and they didn't carry that tire.

I, LadyLee, don't do well with inconvenience.

Then the car's steering wheel started shaking when I was driving. It wasn't bad, but noticeable. It would start shaking at 60 mph. A little research kept leading to one thing: the need for new tires.

Lucy Jr. needs Michelins. Michelins are expensive.

It got to the point where I would look at the tires of other Lexus' like mine. Some had the michelins, others had another type. I looked the other type up online, and people were arguing that the Michelin tire was better than that bootleg one.

I talked to my Lexus Mechanic, Chuck.

"Yo, this car has Michelin Primacys. Is there something comparable to those?"

I wanted to say... Is there a cheaper tire available?

He said "Well, that's the best one to get."

I like Chuck. He wouldn't tell me anything crazy. And some of the guys there at the shop drive the same car. So I called the place he'd been telling me to call. I'd gotten a quote from the same place in Forsyth County (and uh, I as a black person, don't have NO BUSINESS up in Forsythe County. Nope!) But there was a location nearer to me (20 miles away). I went there this past Saturday, super early in the morning, and I had a new set of tires and an alignment in a little over an hour.

All this bellyaching and near angst for nothing.

I got a new set for $600 bucks. The alignment rounded it out at $700. I would've preferred to pay around $400 for tires, but this ain't Pam. This here is Lucy Jr.

And the drive? Man oh man... the drive is SUPER smooth. Absolutely no shake at all.

If I would've know a new set of tires would've been that nice, I would've bought some sooner!

Hopefully these last a few years.
It almost makes me want to put a new set of Michelins on Pam!


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