Saturday, February 20, 2016

Saturday 7 (Saturday Love)

Look at that... Ain't posted in a whole week, but I have the nerve to be posting on a Saturday Night.

What the world.

Don't matter. I want to post something in this precious space of time that my laptop is acting right.

So here we go.

1.  I've been working like a Hebrew slave these past couple of weeks. I know that I am working at least 50 hours or more a week right now.

2. I am learning that I am too old for such long work hours. I do wish I had my 20-year-old self back.

3. This week I have had a strange sinus thing going on. It is lupus related because it affects my right side (my symptoms are always on my right side).  It is sort of like how I felt when I visited Colorado, where I was having nose bleeds from being at a high altitude. I think this may be a flare from just being all stressed out. NOT good.

4. I went to work today. This is the second Saturday in a row. I worked from 9 to 5. Straight with no lunch. I am gansgsta like that. Well, wanna be gangsta. I need my YOUNG gangsta self back.

5. Best part of the day: getting off work and driving home... with no radio. Just me and my thoughts and my quiet ponderings concerning my day. I always remind myself that no matter how good or bad the day was, something positive happened. Always.

6. I haven't been eating right. I need a good 2 day juice cleanse.I do have some Mommie Boost in the fridge. Might have to fall over into that.

7. I am OFF on Monday. Not the best idea to be off. But I have a doctor's appointment with my hematologist.  And I have to turn in a 24 hour urine test to my other doctor. AND I need to go get my tag for Lucy Jr. (I will worry about Pam some other time. Sigh).

I will be running around hard all day long.  I have to, as I can't take off any other time.


8.  I have to remind myself of one thing... and it's one of my favorite quotes of sort.

Like a hairdo, this situation is temporary.  Just like a hairdo.

Aww yes... felt so good to post.

So so good.

On a Saturday, even. Still all good.

My favorite song on a Saturday: Saturday Love...

I love that song. It makes me want to get up and do a Wonder Woman spin.

Several Wonder Woman spins.

Spin until I fall out from dizziness.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. I've been checking daily too! I was giving you until Monday before I started bothering you!

  2. Gangsta girl,

    Thank you for the Saturday love video.
    That was an oldie.

    Be cool and enjoy the upcoming week.
    P.S. If you were 20something again, you would not know what you know now unless you wanted "your cake and eat it too".

  3. Anonymous10:32:00 PM

    You've been so busy!! My goodness!! I hope you chilled Saturday after work. Don't forget your rest.
    Sasha XOXO

  4. Yes. I need my 20 year old body. Last week folks were sick at work and clients were tripping. I was drained every day.

  5. I wish I had my 20 year old body back too. I didn't realize that I had so much energy back then.


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