Monday, July 11, 2016

A New Monday

When I say "A New Monday", that is exactly what I mean.

Who on earth would have thought that last week would go down like it did? We actually saw the death of two men at the hands of police, and the death of police officers at the hands of a vigilante.

And it was all too much.

When this type of thing happens, I think of a blog I posted a few years entitled "5 Minutes".

Basically I thought of how we have our 3 year plans and all our goals, yet it comes down to it, we don't even know what's gonna happen in the next 5 minutes. We just don't.

That is how I felt about last week. And I remember thinking "This has been a heckuva week, and I can't wait for Monday."

The most memorable image from my beloved ATL this week:

And then on twitter, I saw something more powerful.

I must give it to the Millennials: they are trying to do something. And that's a lot in the midst of ages old civil rights organizations who aren't all that effective.

It is all disheartening though. I think there is a lot behind the media running a continuous loop of someone of my race dying so violently on TV. It is a horrific seed to sow into the hearts of people over and over again. But don't think they aren't doing that on purpose. It is depressing for a reason. What on earth is the harvest from such? We saw some of what the harvest was, and it was tragic.

It bothered me so bad that I just didn't feel like blogging. My posts are usually happy, but this was not a happy time. Not when my heart was so heavy.

My condolences go out to those who lost someone so tragically, whether it be civilian or cop.  Families lost loved ones on all fronts last week. And I hope and pray it doesn't happen again, but you know how that goes.

There is something going on that makes me smile this week:

My sister Kentucky will be here on Wednesday.

I miss her so much. Even though I speak with her several times a week, it is hard with her not being here. She has been gone for 8 months, but it feels like it's been so much longer.  I am counting the hours until she arrives. I can hardly wait.

I might just sneak out on the tarmac and guide the plane in for parking.

That plane would be parked all crooked, tho.

But it would put me that much closer to hugging my sister's neck.


I am praying on purpose that this is a good week. I don't think that my heart can take another tragic week. I may not even watch the news the rest of the week. My spirit is a bit injured and I need to heal.

With that said... have a good week:


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  1. Anonymous2:49:00 PM

    I haven't been able to blog since April really and with all that is going on in the world I just can't, because I feel censored in so many ways. Praying for a better week.


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