Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Freestyles

My goodness... What is up with me and this infrequent posting?

Oh my. Gotta stop that. I have tons of topics.

I think last night I was gonna post, but I was a bit miffed and saddened by yet another Paris terrorist attack. And I thought about the many terrorists attacks that have taken place in Muslim countries right around the same time that the news doesn't report on. My sister said that the muslim countries are catching more hell than the Western countries, and they are talking about it over there, but not much in the American news.

Imagine if they were, though. We would be in a constant state of depression.

So yet again, prayers and thoughts  out to all those who lost loved ones in those attacks. And prayers and thoughts out to all of us who will live with the residual affects of it all: fear, rage, sadness and the like.

Off course, this brings out the politicians. And they stoke whatever fires smolders in all of us concerning these tragedies.

I was particularly concerned with Newt Gingrich's rhetoric. If you haven't heard about it,  here's a 2 minute clip of what he had to say. 

That's interesting. Sounds simple enough.

I watched the whole 10 minute video. But this 2 minutes snippet is key. What did I pick up from this?

1. Test Muslims. If they believe in sharia, deport them.
2. You go on a website favoring a terrorist group, you will be charged with a felon. You should go to jail.
3. Destroy anyone who hosts such websites. Kill them if you have to.

Wow. Strong language. I am not sure he means that. I think it is political. He is hoping Trump will choose him for VP. (Not going to happen. Trump won't choose anyone who will possibly outshine him. That's how sociopaths do things, you know).

What concerns me is something I read over a decade ago.

That book is Parable of the Talents by Octavia Butler. It is the sequel to Parable of a Sower

I thought about this book. I even posted my thoughts on how it was similar to some of the events of Hurricane Katrina.


Anyway, once this current presidential race began heating up, I thought of the book again. All of this stuff the republicans and Trump are saying was and is similar to the political race in the book.

I thought  it was just me... but then someone posted some excerpts on facebook.

Wow. How similar is it to the current rhetoric?

Did you see the ideology of "Help us make America great again"

So we deport all the Muslims.  Kill  off whoever is running malicious websites.  Vicotry.

Everybody is happy.

But the question becomes... We did this much?   What can we do next?

And how far can we go?

The passage above answers those questions.

And those answers are SCARY!

Give those in power an inch, and they will take a mile.

That can go bad real quick.

It is something to think about.

I know one thing: I'm going to be sure to read Parable of the Talents again.

It's most likely predicting our future... hmm.

Have a blessed day.

Have a blessed weekend!


(Despite what's going on all around us!)

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