Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Olympics Season is Here.

I knew the Olympics must've been coming up when I saw the picture of the final women's team.

This picture makes me want to sang some Beyonce.

"Come on Ladies let us get in formation!!!"

They look like they are ready to put the stomp down on some chickens... and come back with that gold.

I was watching the women gymnastics trials on Saturday night while talking on the phone with LadyTee.

We had our own special type of armchair commentating going on.

"Girl she better stick this landing."


"Look at her. She is pissed. She didn't stick that landing. She mad."

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!" (hollered when someone falls).

Speaking of the Olympics, what in the world is going on in Rio? Did you see all the trash out in the water? There is no way I would swim in that. But if you want that medal, then.... I guess you better do what you gotta do, honey. And hope you don't contract some nasty infection.

I have never been to an Olympics. I lived 1/2 mile from the stadium where the Olympics went on in Atlanta in 1996. But I was a student and didn't see the point. I wish I would have, though. I would open my window while I watched on TV, and I could hear the cheers from the stadium. And people parked in my neighborhood and walked down to the stadium.

School was closed for 3 weeks, and I decided to get a night job in a warehouse putting together pamphlets containing results of the games. I made $397 during that time. My rent was $390. So I was BALLIN! You couldn't tell me NUTHIN!

I won't be going to these games. I'll be watching. From my couch.

I hope the USA does well.

And you know they will, as always.

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