Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Freestyles!!

It is Friday!

Once again.  And thank goodness for that. I made it to see another Friday.

And I am ready for the weekend, babes!

Something exciting happens today: it will be 100 degrees in my beloved ATL.

That is HAWT!

Normally I don't concern myself with this. I tend to stay inside when it azz hawt outside. I walk from my car to the building and from my building to my car. I don't stand around out there. But I didn't bring my lunch today, so I may have to walk to get something... if I dare.

Yesterday, The Cowgirl Cre ran up on me while I was sitting in my cubicle, talking about "Come on, let's take a walk!"

"What the hell?" I hollered. "It's hot as hell outside."

It was hot yesterday. I think it was 95 degrees.

"It's okay. Let's go!"

I hemmed and hawed. She ignored me, as she should. We have been friends for 20 years and she knows how to handle me. Glory.

Anyway, we took a trip to our local Quik Trip.

If you're not familiar with Quik Trip, it is a popular gas station, based out of Missouri, I think. They have a bunch of gas stations in Atlanta, but only out in the suburbs (not the inner city). Their gas is cheap and good. Whenever I am in the suburbs, this is where I get my gas.

So imagine my glee when I found out that a Quik Trip was being built in Midtown Atlanta.

"Oooooh wee!" I hollered. "Cheap gas, cheap gas, cheap gas!!!"

Except... this Quik Trip doesn't have gas. It is a convenience store.


I have been hemming and hawing about that.

"They can throw a couple of pumps out there and charge $5 a gallon. And have somebody out there pumping the gas. And they would have a line of cars around the block!"

But alas. No gas pumps. This is the first of its kind, I hear.

So... me and the Cowgirl Cre walked up there. I see that people from work have been trekking up there (it's only a 2 block walk). The food is super cheap. Cowgirl Cre has been hitting it up. So since I had not been, we decided to walk up there.

That was a long HAWT walk. And we tried to walk in the shade of the skyscrapers. It was STILL hawt!! Ugh.

But we made it. And it was nice and cook inside.

The store looks like any other Quik Trip, but glossier. And they have a lot going on

There were plenty of sweets!

There is a hot dog counter.
I think you can get polish sausage dogs and some mexican treats I can't pronounce.

You can order sandwiches and pizzas too.
I was intrigued by this tea station.
And they have a plethora of coffees too.
And there are more conveniences.
I think it is a great idea after having gone there. I'm still a bit miffed about there being no gas pumps out front. But there are a TON of high rise condos along Peachtree street. A ton. And they need corner stores of high convenience like this one. Something fast and quick. And this is the only place open 24 hours. I'm not sure that's a great idea in the hood (Most places downtown  close at 6 pm. Midtown closes down  around  10-11 pm).

So let's just say they are going to do good! And rightfully so.

I got what I usually get when I go a Quik Trip... An orange slushy. They have a really tart slushy made out of orange juice. I mix it with coconut and berry slushy. GOOD STUFF. I didn't have any money, so the Cowgirl Cre treated me. I think it was like, 79 cents.  I didn't break the bank.

Oh yeah... Cowgirl Cre got a breakfast sandwich.

"Dang that look good," I said, wishing that I'd gotten one myself.

Maybe next time.

I'll walk up there again... when the weather gets a bit cooler.

Song of the Week. I've been listening to Chrisette Michele's new CD Milestone. It is very good. I'm not a big fan of hers, but I like this 75% of the songs on this CD. And what's interesting is that it's pretty much a trap album, which is odd for her. 

That is definitely a trap song. Man. I guess that's the style now.

*ladylee bouncing hard while cleaning up the kitchen*

That's it for me! Have a great weekend!

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