Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ten Tuesday Thoughts

It's Tuesday! And here we go.

1. It's STILL hot in my beloved ATL. Heat like this make you wonder if it will ever go away. Lawd help us ALL!

2. How it feel outside, Mitch?


3. That speech by our first lady, Michelle Obama, the best first lady EVER, tho...

It was all that and 100 bags of chips.

4. If I ever see Melania... I would let her know, "Now THAT's how you give a speech. Go sit down somewhere.

5. I need to find a roll of parchment paper and a fountain pen so I can write that speech out word for word.

6. I am trying to watch these political conventions, but I am realizing that all the yelling of the speeches is bothering me. It might be just easier to watch the highlights the following day.

7. Look what my sister bought me from the UAE:

Camel Milk soap,

8. Something's just odd about the thought of Camel Milk, tho...She said they use it over there in the coffee, and it has a sour taste. Ick.

9. Yesterday, I ordered my favorite juice from a local juicery through UberEats. This is no big deal, except the driver got here in less than 2 minutes. I almost had to hurdle some cubicle walls to get down there to meet her. That's the fastest instant delivery ever! Usually they are here in 5-6 minutes.

10. I have to go out and get my lunch today. I MUST get up early enough in the morning in time to fix my lunch. No more sleeping in.

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