Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ten Tuesday Thoughts

It is Tuesday!

Time for some thoughts!

1. July is halfway over. It's going faster than I would ever think.

2. An instrument I'm working on is busted. So I have NOTHING to do until someone comes and fixes it. Sigh. *twiddling thumbs hard*

3. The Republican Convention has started. I won't be watching. It is not for me. And I know that.

4. I will watch the highlights the next day, though.

5.  Looks like Trump's wife plagiarized the cheese out of Michelle Obama's democratic convention speech.

6. She won't be chastised for that.  And that, ladies and gentleman, is the definition of white privilege. Oh yes, they are hemming and hawing about it.

7. Now just imagine Michelle Obama had done such a thing. Let's just say she woulda got dragged. And the president would have lost the election. Period.

8. Today's lunch. An amazing salad!

9. It is AZZ HAWT in the ATL right now. I don't like the dog days of summer!

10.  My sister is home! She has been home for a whole week today! And one little girl cat is happy to see her indeed.

Callie Jo is pleased as punch!!


More on my sister's visit over the next couple of weeks. She will be here until August 9th, so there will be a few tales.

That is it for Tuesday thoughts!


  1. Anonymous12:05:00 PM

    I need to come through for a brunch since your sister is home. Thankful that she made it home safely. Enjoy your time with her.



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