Thursday, July 28, 2016

Friday Night Fights

Friday! And it's Friday night!

And it's Payday!


I've been trying to get a travel authorization taken care of most of the day. It is due at COB today for the fiscal year. I think it got done.

I was telling one of the admin folks helping me... "Look here brotha, I don't really want to go, so uh... if we can't figure it out, you know... WHATEVER."


Aren't you glad these conventions are over? RNC was a dumpster fire. DNC was excellent. It says a lot.

GO HILLS! This is what was on Huffington Post earlier today!



Get it Oldgirl!!

Trump got me SHOOK with all this Russia dog whistling. Dude, you can dog whistle with these white supremacists, but you need to kill that noise when it comes to these russians, man. That ain't funny. That's a whole nother country, and they know you're ignorant. We don't need an invasion. NOPE.

Fresh Cut Grass! In other news, in other WONDERFUL news, that is, my grass has been cut. 

My grass is beautiful. Shrubs are trimmed. GLORY.

Why am I so excited? Because I thought my yard guy had been locked up again. He's a week overdo on my grass. So when he rang my doorbell yesterday and hollered "Open your garage [so he could grab my lawnmower]", I didn't argue. I just did it. I wondered where he'd been, but I shut up. I was just happy to see him.

And I was happy to see my wonderfully cut grass this morning.

My porch is a bit dusty. I need to get out there with my head rag, my bucket of suds, and my swiffer jet and clean it up. I will do that if it isn't terribly hot outside. (Yeah. We will see)

Fresh Veggies. A new CSA box came in this week. It is an odd one.
Tomatoes, peppers, spaghetti squash, okra and sprouts,

When I see sprouts, I think bacteria. YIKES.

I have no idea what to do with those. I just know I'm going to cook them hard enough to kill everything. Looks like I have a stir-fry in a hot wok coming up soon. Yes indeed.

There is some sauce there. No, I didn't get that from the CSA box. It just happen to be on the kitchen counter. I bought that while I was roaming around in Douglasville last weekend.

That wing spot is too expensive so I just bought the sauce I like. That is good wing sauce, though! And it will last me a couple of years at that.

Song of the Week. So... I have been deeply inspired to re-read and rework my Sweet Heat manuscript. There was a song on the radio and the lead character was singing along, trying to figure out what the song was. And I was trying to figure it out too! That was hilarious to me.

It was "Go Outside in the Rain" by Milara.

That's a 90's song. How DRAMATIC is that video? Look at her facial expressions! She's feeling it, isn't she? She's feeling it a bit too much!

The song lyrics that left me a bit O_o

Oh Lord I see
So many eyes on me
And I imagine what I'm saying
They're saying I'm a fool
They're saying I'm a fool 
Cuz I'm still in love with you
Don't they know I'm only human?

This is an odd verse. And a guy friend and I, who really like the song, discussed it.  No one is watching you, a random female, walking down the street and saying, "Hey look at that fool. She a fool because she is in love with that guy".

No they are not.

But it speaks to how self-conscience we can be. We think random people are looking at us and judging our personal business. Not the case. Well, unless you are a celebrity or something.

Loved-ed it! That's a good whiny song!

Really though.

Let me quit rambling.  This weekend's mission is to go buy a new vacuum cleaner.  You never miss a vacuum cleaner until yours break and that carpet needs some help, man!!

I need to do some writing. I'm working on a noir story right now.  Noir is not a genre I write in (I do have a couple of stories lingering around, though), but I like reading it. But I am working hard on it!It is a bit different. I will admit that much.

Have a good weekend.

On purpose!

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