Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Come Get Him... or Her (Rusty Dusty)

My garage is on the side rear of my house. And when I leave in the morning, I back out of the driveway sharp enough to make sure I stare at the garage to make sure I have let the garage door down.

There have been quite a few days when I haven't done this, and I turn around and go back home to make sure. Thank goodness I live only 5 miles from work. There is nothing worse than spending all day wondering Did I let the garage door down?

One day earlier this month, I was performing this daily necessary ritual, when I saw something on my front porch.

My first thought was OH NO, BIG MITCH GOT OUT!!!

But further inspection revealed it to be another Tuxedo cat.

I have seen him quite a few times walking around my backyard. He was even asleep on my front porch a couple of times. He is a rusty dusty looking thing in need of a good bath. He looks like an owl.

He looks nothing like BIG MITCH.

Mitch keep his body clean. His tuxedo is not rusty dusty like his cousin who hangs out around my house. Nope. His whites are bleachy white and his coat is shiny and black.

Whoever cat that is, though... ya'll need to come get him... or her.

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