Thursday, May 31, 2018

Thirteen Thursday Thoughts

Lots of thoughts today, so many that I had to go over ten~

1. I made a mistake of buying very cheap trash bags. They are so cheap that I have to double them up so they will not break when I take them out to my can outside. I will not make this mistake again.

2. I have a work trip coming up soon. The worst part is going to the airport, hoping that I didn't leave anything.

3. It always surprises me that I have a lot of clothes. I only find this out when I am packing.

4. It's been raining so much in the ATL that it makes me wonder if we will ever see the sun again.

5. We rarely get hurricanes coming this way, but we do get the outer remnants and bands of the hurricanes. Nevertheless it's always a ton of water involved.

6. With that said, someone should have told Hurricane Alberto that hurricane season starts on June 1, 2018. Humph.

7. And while we're at it, someone tell Roseanne that it's nice to call people out of their names. I am not sure what Jarret did to deserve that. Being black is not a reason.

8. And it's all another lesson in seeds and fruit for me. That show got canceled. And a lot of workers and actors lost their jobs behind a bad seed sown.

9. It's a reminder to check my beliefs and actions, i.e., check my "seeds".

10. Sowing and reaping are first cousins to that thing called Karma. And karma is something else, isn't it?

11. Valerie Jarrett handled that whole situation with class, didn't she? I'm not that mature. I think I would've told that chick to kiss my a**.  Enough said

12. On a good note, Georgia has a chance to have its first black AND female governor. How cool is that.

13. I caught much traffic when trying to go vote in the primary. As a matter of fact, I arrived
at the polling site 5 minutes before closing. It was funny because there was a gang of us running for the door. 

I wasn't going to go since I was running late... but how often do I get to vote for a sister for the democratic ticket for governor? Never. So I ran for that poll!

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