Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Freestyles

It's Friday...


(That's how I feel right now).

Feeling more like...


Man. I am SLEEPY. This heat is on, I'm in the bed... my head resting on these down pillows, all cozy under this down comforter. I just want to go back to SLEEP!!

For some reason, I woke up at 4 in the morning. That usually means I need to get up and pray about something, but I lounged around until about 6 (then I got up and said some ANGRY prayers. hmph).

I think I'm feeling some sort of way because Aunt Flo is here. I don't have cramps and all that anymore due to the vegetarian changes (man, i still have to look into that), but doggonit, my emotions are alllllll over the place.

Not a good time to be messing with me or pissing me off, man.

I'm like the women in the bible, in the old testament... You really need to throw me off in a dark tent on the outskirt of town somewhere. I need to be alone. Have a little solitude, you know.

But alas, that ain't happening. I have to go to work today.


This has been a so-so week. Things are what they are at work. Whatever. I've had a productive workweek. I'm happy for that.

I am in charge all next week. This doesn't bother me, as I plan to work through the holidays. I want to take 2 weeks off for my birthday. We've been mulling over whether they gonna mess me over concerning that, but I don't think they will.

I am looking for that time off, and my 8 day cruise, man! That's gonna be a good time.

Post of the Week. I haven't been reading my regular blogs like I should. I gotta do better. But one that has stuck with me the past couple of days is one written by Serenity entitled Beating a Dead Horse.

I especially love this line:

"When someone cannot stop and realize that the things they SPEAK and MEDITATE on become their reality, I have to just stay away. I don't invite negativity over here."

I don't invite negativity over here. That's a good line, a good statement to incorporate into life. That will keep much of the drama away, won't it.

I myself tend to be a little negative at times. (Don't we all?) But I always follow it up with thanksgiving. If you read a little further down in her post, Serenity did that, too...

(She wants to be like me so bad. Keep working at it, dear. lol).

But I thought that was a fine post. It makes me think about my prayer time this morning. Boy, was I just angry about some things. To the point where, if I woke up this morning around 4 a.m., I should've had my butt on my knees praying until I felt some peace. But I felt much better after my prayers... after I spent time praying more and giving thanks for matters...for what's really important.

That probably didn't make sense to you. Made sense to me, so keep on reading along, lol...

That's all I have for now. I don't have a song for the week. I've been listening to much talk radio, etc...

I know everyone is looking forward to the Thanksgiving day and may be taking next week off. i didn't have plans, but as of this morning, I do. So, I'm looking forward to that.

With that, don't forget the reason for the season... Give thanks!

I know I will.

You all have a great weekend. On purpose.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Now shoe seed will be all over my blog! LOL But no I want my surroundings to be peaceful. Yes, we all have troubles but I don't want to spend all my time meditating on them and making them to be more than what they are. Bumps in the road.. Not complete shut down/brick walls.


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