Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Morning!

Good Monday Morning!

You know what? I had a Friday Freestyles post on Friday but I FORGOT to post it. It was one of those things where I finished it at home, and stopped to get ready for work, and thought I would post it when I got to work. I got so busy that I completly forgot. UGH.

So excuse my lack of posting. I have a few I need to do. I usually do them in the morning, but I do other things in the morning right now, so... gotta work out working on them in the evening or something like that.

So, this post will be a combo of Friday and today's post.

My weekend. A bit boring. Chore filled. That is all. Sigh. You know, I sort of need it to be that way. I get out and do things every other weekend. That's the goal right now. This was more of a "me" time weekend.

I was doing great on the financial fast, but jacked up some things this weekend. This is okay. Get up and get back on the horse. Period.

Moving on to last week's news...

So, our boss is gone on to another group now. She bought pizza for us on Wednesday. There was much whispering and controversy behind this. I mean, heck, you crashed our group into the ground. Folk refused to go to the gathering. I went. I ate my political piece of pizza.

Sure did. And it was some good pizza. (I didn't have this pepperoni slice. That was just the last piece of pizza left. I had the cheese pizza, and a veggie and chicken slice (pulled off the chicken).

Negroes need to act right. Negroes know they'll need a recommendation someday. Better sit there and eat a piece of pizza in peace. Celebrate if you can.

Interestingly, since no one was talking, the boss left and went back to her office. She had work to do.


The tides have changed. LadyLee is gonna have a good workweek... on purpose, babes.
Posts of the week. I posted a quote earlier this week, and Chele and Serenity tackled it.

Serenity was BEGGING me for a writing prompt, so she wrote about the freedom quote in a post entitled A Writing Prompt. This was especially good since she just saw For Colored Girls, and her feelings were still a bit raw.

And in a effort for me to understand the quote a bit better, Chele, my resident expert of fear and freedom, broke things down also in a post entitled Breaking Free.

Great job, ladies. You really made me think about some things...
That's it for today. I'm going to TRY to post all week. Not sure how that will go. But we will work it out.


  1. Happy Monday Morning!

    Glad you got a new boss. Hopefully your group and revive what she's run into the ground.

  2. Your workplace sounds nuts. I hope things get better for you and your co-workers.

  3. Just saying have a GREAT Monday! :)

  4. We don't have a new boss yet. Just interim people. I think they are trying to bring someone new from the outside.

    My boss is a good boss, but I think she has just been doing the thing too doggone long, and needed a change. I think we are all like that. (Lawd knows I am!). Hopefully, the new position is the change she needs...


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