Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Freestyles... By Design

Today is a good Friday, and it is PayDay.

And that is all that really needs to be said.

And something else strange is going on: the Boss is not here yet. She hasn't said anything. I asked about this.

"She's not here yet," my coworker said. "So are you in charge?"

My response... "Not I."

Hopefully she comes in. Maybe she is running late. Maybe she is sitting out in the garage in her truck. She told me one day that she was out there and didn't want to come in. I myself have felt this way many a time. I have even come to work and turned around and decided to go back home and call off.

Sometimes you just don't want to deal with work and all the tomfoolery it involves... I fully understand.

This has been a halfway decent week overall. I got to work in 7 minutes flat today. In traffic. That is odd. I wish I could get to work everyday in 7 minutes. I really hate driving, so being in the car for that short of a length of time makes me happy.

Quote of the Week I. There is an interesting email thread going on with my Triple F Possee group. It took me two weeks to figure out that we were suppose to check in with a email about our progress. (Thanks a lot, Green Eyed Bandit for not telling me about this. Humph.)

Anyway, people seem to be doing pretty good and making good financial progress. And people end their emails with little affirmations or slogans. Here are a couple of examples.

"I (my family) will learn, I (my family) will act, and I(we) will teach!!"

That's a nice one. Learn, act, and then teach others. That's a good plan.

Someone ended with "Financial Peace to You!"

I like that too.

Our common slogan is "Financial Freedom Fighters... ACTIVATE!!"

That's always a good one.

But I read an interesting one this morning:

"FFF... Don't just ignite... Let's burn this "mother" down!!!"

O_O.  My goodness! That's someone who is dead serious about getting their finances straight, ain't it?

Or maybe they just had a little too much coffee... or liquor this morning.


I think I will stick with the tried and true "Financial Freedom Fighters... ACTIVATE!"

I will leave the rough stuff to the rest of the members.

Quote of the Week II. I like listening to Black Talk Radio when I'm in the car. There's always good discussion and it gives me a chance to catch up on the political ongoings in the city.  And the arguments and heated discussions are quite entertaining to say the least.

There was an interesting discussion on infidelity the other day. A caller gave a quote:

"Live your life by design, not by default."

So few words. But definitely bursting at the seams with food-for-thought. 

And the calleer simply said that you have to live your life on purpose. Purpose to do things.  Living be design is making it your purpose to do some great and positive things that day. Living by default is well, just simply going with the flow. And going with the flow tends to lead to mediocrity and complacency. And we end up in a place we really don't want to be when we live life by default.

I think that is true. My days are better when I am moving on purpose, rather than just being on autopilot. That's for sure.

This caused me to think about my days. I find that I have 2 "autopilot-default" days per week. That's fine, I suppose. I can do better, though. I know people who really plan and get the most out of every single day. And that's better.

Just a little quote to think on. That is an easy one for me to memorize. I wrote that one down in my journal.

So, the boss is here. Thank goodness! Maybe we can get some work done!

She called me to her office. This is always a dreaded walk for me, as I am going over in my mind, trying to figure out if I am in trouble about something.

I wasn't. Her baby, my favorite blog mascot Chayse, is here. It was nice to get a big hug from her, and to read the first paragraph of a story she is writing... about a sad princess who is always told what to do.

Awww... a fellow writer. Aww... Such a wonderful surprise.

That made my week, right there. It put a big smile on my face indeed.

Anyway, she brought the baby to work (well she isn't a baby per se, she's in the third grade), because her class is having a sleepover at the zoo.

O_O. I had a problem with this. I immediately thought of little children fighting bears and lions. But it was explained to me that it is a learning experience and they will be up late at night learning about the animals and nature and all that.

I told Chayse, "Baby, if you see a animal coming at you, you run! You hear me? Just RUN. I am not far away. I will come get you. But you RUN! And don't touch nothing!"

She looked at me like... "Ms. LadyLee is very crazy."


And I was just asked by the boss... "Will you be acting supervisior for the rest of the day?"


"Honey, you might as well just make a declarative statement. Because if you asking me, the answer is NO!:

Well, she said I was in charge. Period. Sigh.

Oh well!

With that said... I am going to run around and crack a whip and  harrass the other members of the group. ON PURPOSE.

Have a good weekend...

By design, meaning... On purpose.


  1. My days are better when I am moving on purpose, rather than just being on autopilot.<----sammmmeeee here

  2. See what happen was.....

    I think this week everyone had something to say. I still have not posted mine. I need to get on it. I have a good report too!

    I love the live your life by design. Gotta post it!

    1. let a sista know what's up next time, man. LOL.

      And yes, I see your emails. You are making great strides. Very inspiring.


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