Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Great "Chips"

I love trying new things, especially interesting fruits and vegetables. I must admit, I don't look hard enough for them these days, but I find that I do come across things I really like from time to time, meaning I will seek them out again.

Anyway, here are some interesting "chips"!

Green Bean Chips!

Those are good. They taste just like green beans... but crunchy.

I see those a lot.

Here's something I rarely see:

Okra Chips!

Notice that they are not sliced, but whole. Still taste great... just crunchy.

All the water has been dried out of those, to the point where they are almost translucent.

I like to leave interesting items like that on my desk, and watch people's faces twist up when they see them. But once they try it, they realize how tasty they are.

The only thing I don't like about these chips is that they are oily. You can't really tell. I can only tell from the nutrition labels. I'm not sure what process is used to make them, but I don't see why they contain that much fat.

I am sure there is a way to make them without the added fat. I have a downdraft stove/oven that has a dehydrator setting. I may attempt to make these someday, as I have had good success with drying herbs from the garden. (And I am sure it will take several trys to get something remotely close to the goodness of these!)


  1. Where do u get these chips at? I want to buy some..

  2. I had some umm fried green beans the other day. Thats similar right? lol they were GOOD

    1. These are fried in batter. Not sure what they do.

  3. Wait -- your oven has a "dehydrator" setting. I really need to step into the new millenium.

    1. I have a downdraft stove. $2800, so it has a bunch of stuff on it, like Sabbath setting, drying, and bread proofing and convection stuff going on.

      I hope it never breaks down and I have to buy a new one. Sigh.


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