Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bliss' Final Blanket!

Woo weeeee!

*ladylee wipes sweat from forehead*

I have finally finished the fourth and final baby blanket for blogger Bliss!


Not sure why I made "4" blankets. Hmm. I guess that will reveal itself later on.

I began that first one before she even was pregnant. When someone begins thinking about having a baby, and voice is given to those thoughts, well... I just go head on and get my crochet needle and baby yarn out and just start on it in faith.

Anyway fast forward a good year later...

Mrs. Bliss is having twins. She is big and swole with chirren right now. She doesn't know the sex of them, so I had to go neutral. I will probably post all four in one post soon. I just have to wash them and do some final trimming.

I asked one of our custodians yesterday "Hey, can you get me 4 of those clear little plastic garbage bags and one large plastic bag? I need to pack up some baby blankets for shipping."

So that means I am super duper close to mailing them. My goal is November 1st or round about. She is not due until December 17th, but you never know. I want them there and in her hands a bit earlier.

Anyway, I have taken pictures as I have progressed.

I like how they start... Simple yarn.

And here is the first square round.
I chose to not do a solid yellow blanket. I added white to break up the color some.
Another round of yellow added...
Another round of yellow added.
Yet another round of yellow added!
I think it takes around to 15-20 minutes to get to that point.

More rounds!
And even more rounds
I placed a quarter next to it to show how big it is. I probably build up to that in one sitting., Maybe an hour or two. Enough to sit down and watch a good movie or thereabouts.

I worked on this during the furlough, so a week later, it had really come along.
There are twelve yellow stripes separtating the center white stripes. That number represents her due date of the 12 month, December.

Here's another photo.
I couldn't do a frilly ruffle border, because that is for a girl. So I did a straight border.

I like the border, although I was tempted to do a ruffle border. I was gonna send her $10 just in case she had 2 boys and had to send it back.  It wouldn't take but a hour to fix it. But it's all good.

And here's the final blanket.


That only took about 2 weeks. I was smoking on that! The fastest I've made a blanket is one and a half weeks because a friend needed a white blanket for her sons christening. It usually takes me about a month to make a baby blanket, especially when I am working. But since I was on furlough, I had more time on my hands. And if I'm at someone's house just hanging out, I always have my little crochet project with me.

Oh it was such a joy making these blankets. I LOVE LOVE LOVE handmade gifts. Loved-ed them.

Stay tuned for more :)


  1. YIPPIE!!! Those blankets to me show how much you were standing in faith with us during our fertility issues. I love, love, love it! They are going to be great for this winter.

    Hopefully it will be revealed that you made 4 blankets because two more babies will come over the next few years. My husband doesn't want to hear that, but I hope that's the reason, lol.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for making all those blankets, and for starting even before they were don't know just how special that is :).

    1. Well I "know" you... that Bliss get sumthin rolling around in her mind, it happens, and it happens QUICKLY. Thank goodness I got started BEFORE you conceived or I would be pulling some 24 hour all day all night crochet marathons right now. LOL.

      I am wondering what this 4 blanket thing is about. Got my antennae up and eyes stretched and alert to know whassup. Cuz u know if you have some more babies, they have their own blankets, right? Hmm.

      Glad you like!!!

  2. 2 weeks!?! Great job. I have a scarf I've been working on for the better part of this year. I am inspired by your work and will knock it out soon.

  3. Simply beautiful.

    1. Glad you like it, Super T-walker!

  4. Replies
    1. Glad you like it, Bandit.

      I am 30 percent done with the blanket/throw you requested. Man oh man, it is REALLY nice. I didn't expect it to be that pretty. I am tempted to send you a picture of it, but I will wait.

      *bandit gives lee the side-eye*

      Ha ha!

      Let me know if you want to see it.

  5. Single Ma7:33:00 AM

    Wow Doc, that's beautiful.


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