Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy MLK day... Happy NEW Day

While perusing some of my old MLK day posts, I came across this one. What a nice reminder of taking each day as a gift. Enjoy this repost.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to you.

For many of us, it is a day off. I like the whole idea of "Not a day off, but a day on". Uh, I am gonna let that soak in. I ain't there yet. I like the idea. I will get there eventually.

I use it as a day of reflection. A day where I go and read and ponder black history.

And I ponder my own family and our history.

When I think of the King Holiday, I think of my Grandmother.


Because she is the same age as he would've been this day. She was born on January 14, 1929. Dr. King was born on Janurary 15, 1929.

So let's just say I always remember her birthday.

She is an interesting lady. She tells good stories. She was the first to get a college degree in our family, a degree in Bible Psychology. (Maybe that's where I get my highly analytical biblical tactics from). She knows Hebrew and Greek. She told me in order to interpret my bible well, I should learn it. I said it's too hard.

She said "You mean to tell me, you have a Ph.D. in chemistry, and you can't learn greek and hebrew?"


No Grandma. I probably could. I'm just lazy.

She's a great lady. Very kind. She use to pick on me on the sly for my spiritual choices. You know me, I could care less. I do what's best for me. But as the years go by, she will tell me "Sugar, i watched your pastor on TV the other day. He is good. And funny." And we will discuss her thoughts on the sermon.

(I guess I'm not a heathen afterall. Yay me.)

Anyway, she is the subject for my food-for-thought today.

I spoke with her on New Years day, calling just to wish her a Happy New Year. We always joke about age. I always ask her how old I will be this year, and she goes through her whole story of how she remembers.

"You were born in 1970, Lisa. So I count from there."

Imagine her surprise when she figured out in 2010, that I'd be turning 40.

"Ooooo little girl. Forty years old. Forty years old!"

She was amazed. She remembers carrying me around.

And we figured out this year that I am about to be the age now that she was when I was born. So I was born when she had just turned 42.

(That created a whole conversation within itself).

But she is turning 83 this year. What an age. I told her she is getting up there. She has seen it all. World wars, presidents, everything. She has seen it all.

I told her I am happy to always see a new year. Good to see a new year.

"Happy New Year!" I hollered again.

"No, Lisa. It's not Happy New Year."

I was puzzled to hear that. "What?"

"Happy New Day! Each day is brand new. We always say 'Out with the Old, In with New' every January 1st. When actually, each day is brand new. So it's Happy New Day!"

"That's a thought," I said. "A good way to look at it."

"Lisa, imagine," she said, "If you could wake up each DAY and say 'Out with the Old, In with the New', instead of waiting til the beginning of a new year to make your goals and resolutions. Imagine the possiblities."

"Never thought of it that way. You're right."

"Happy New Day," she said. "Yes, it is Happy New Day."

You are right, Grandma. Absolutely right.

What would happen if we could get up each morning and wish ourselves and those around us a "happy new day"? What would happen if we would resolve to be rid of the old- those things which depress us, confuse us, and/or are detrimental to our lives- and, in with the new - new and fresh attitudes, hopes, direction, and dreams?

I don't know. But I tell you, I've been pondering that conversation since Janurary 1st.

Words of wisdom from a woman who has seen over 30,000 "new days" on this earth.

I could only hope to see that amount of days.

That amount of New Days.

I wish you a Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday.

I wish you a Happy New day.

I wrote that post 2 years ago. Grandma turned 85 on January 14.  And the wisdom of it is still as fresh as the day as I wrote it.

Happy Birthday, Grandma. Happy New Day, Grandma.

And Happy New Day to You, Readers.


  1. Happy New Day to you!!

  2. Happy New Day. I like that. I will be using that along with Good Morning. My grandma will be 91 this year. She had walked this earth over 33,000 new days. Wow! What a way to look at that.

  3. Anonymous3:25:00 PM

    Love it...Happy birthday grandma

    Dee in San Diego

  4. I love the stories/conversations you have with your grandmother.


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