Friday, November 07, 2014

Friday Freestyles

Good Friday Afternoon...

Where is everyone at?

Hmm... It makes me want to write something deep, uncensor myself.

Not now, maybe next week.

Anyway, it's Friday, and it's Pay Day. And as stand here and pretend to be a baller until midnight. That's when all my bills and mortgage hit out of my account. But for now I am a baller.

It's starting to get a bit cold in my beloved ATL. Today we won't get out of the 50s, and I have found that I have had to turn on the heat so I won't wake up freezing cold. This is fine, because I don't miss the searing summer heat. Not one bit.

One thing I am glad of, though: the elections are OVER. I HATE election time. I have to be subjected to endless television commercial after commercial. They are all dark and dangerous looking, meant to instill fear.  That ends the day after the elections.  Thank goodness.

And now the Republicans have control of both houses. This means nothing will get done. I couldn't be President. I would veto everything, and I would get everything done by executive order. You talking about impeaching me and repealing my health care act? How about I veto the cheese out of you. Humph.

This should all be interesting. I still don't think anything will get done. 2016, here we come.

And what of the whole ebola epidemic? Shouldn't 1/2 of the USA be sick or dead right now?

No. It all comes down to the whole fear thing again. And the media uses that like a pimp uses a prostitute.

And it's big reason that I'm not a fan of manufactured news.  I am reading a book on ebola right now. That's just me and my PhD mind. I have to go research stuff.

With that said, here's a quote to remember. And it's applicable for every single nook and cranny of life.

The FEAR of something is always stronger than than the actual something.

That's a LadyLee original Quote of the Week. I don't know if that makes sense or not.

It is something I think we all struggle with on some level or another.  What happens when words are said and you receive them? What happens when those words are written across your heart?

Life can get interesting very fast. And it all begins with words. Because with just the  just the right combination of words, I can get you to paint an awful picture in your mind, and have you scared beyond belief. You know it and I know it.  And that's how it all starts. I saw it with the ebola. And I saw it with the elections. Sigh.

With that said, I am learning...

My faith must go past my feelings.
My faith must go past all the question marks.

And most importantly, my faith must go past my fears.  

It must.


Just some thoughts for this brisk November day.

Song of the Day. I like Jhene Aiko. I like this song well enough...

But I like it when the beat and melody changes at 3:44 minutes. I like songs that change completely to something else halfway through.

Plus Kendrick Lamar does a guest spot. And you know I like him.

By the way, have you seen his latest video?


That is all. Maybe I will post that next week.

With that said, I am working this weekend, on both Saturday and Sunday. I don't really mind because I get much more done on the weekends when there is no one around. I can concentrate. I have a ton of paperwork. But I hope to work only 4 hours each day. On the weekends, that's like me working 8 hours each day. That's just how tightly planned and consistent I am on the weekends.

But Veterans day is coming up. I will have Tuesday off. Glory!

You all don't work this weekend, alright? Go out and enjoy this brisk cool weather. On purpose!


  1. The FEAR of something is always stronger than than the actual something.
    My faith must go past my feelings.
    My faith must go past all the question marks.
    my faith must go past my fears.<-------- writing all this done on an index card to remind myself


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