Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Sista Callie Jo Part I: A Tale of Convalescence

Look at ya girl Sista Callie Jo!  Trying to mean mug me!

I've never seen her do that before.

I rolled my eyes. "Sista Callie, you ain't ready! You can't mean mug like the late great Oscar-Tyrone, with that doggone jacked up collar around your neck. You ain't ready. Go do some church jogs in the corner, Sista Callie!"

She stares for all of 5 seconds, then she runs off to play.

Oscar-Tyrone would stare harder. For an hour. Without much blinking.

She ain't ready.

But I hope she is ready for her new kitty litter.

Look at me, trying to be all environmentally friendly.

Normally, I don't care. Just give me litter that kills off the litter box odor. But I was looking at some cats at the Pet store (just looking), and I was talking to the keeper and he told me about corn litter and how it is safer for cats. So I decided to try some.

I mixed it with her litter. I have to do that because I noticed she gets PISSED when her litter is totally different and just throws it all out the box. But this time she behaved.

We will see how it works out.

For now, she is still in her e-collar. It has been 14 days since her spay, and she is healing up well enough. But I will leave her in it until this weekend.

For some odd reason she likes it, though. And she has figured out how to sleep in it.

She has managed to sharpen her nails on the scratching post while wearing it.
She has managed to lounge in it.

She can't really eat with it on. It gets all nasty and I have to clean it. And I'm not spending another $10 on one. Yikes.

When I sent a picture of her to my sister Kentucky, she texted back "Whoa! That's a bit extreme!"

I thought so too, at first. But when they said I had to keep her, with her hyper self, from licking her surgical wounds and taring out the stitches... extreme will have to do.

But like I said, she likes the collar. I may just keep it on her.

No... that would be cruel. And extreme indeed.

I am just glad she is healing well.

As for that mean-mugging... she'll just have to continue to work on that.

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