Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Monday Morning... Thanksgiving Edition


Half day work day!

Cartwheels! Big Swooping cartwheels.

I actually have a lot to do. But if it don't get done by 1:45 pm.... OH WELL!

I will be back tomorrow.

Well this is Thanksgiving Week. And we are all "Thankful" this week. Well, I think that needs to be a yearlong, every-single-day type of thing. And it takes work. I have a a journal, which I call a gratitude journal, where I write down what I am thankful each day. And over the years, I have seen an interesting trend: I am thankful for many intangibles... for instance my conversations with people. I have a LOT of good ones. I'm talking high level conversations. Good positive conversations. Conversations that impart some knowledge and wisdom into my heart. Conversations that solve problems and change or add to my perspective. Corrective conversations.

Just good conversations.

And this is the reason I don't care for frivolous conversations. It's one of the reasons why I don't just talk to any and everybody. The level of conversations are just not the same.

I am looking for balance... whatever that means.

But this week I am just thinking of what I have been thankful for this year... Those convos appear to be something I am always thankful for. Good to see that.

I am thankful for all the pictures I get of my nephews. Here's Milk and Cookies Jr!

That's his football picture.

"He suppose to be looking hard," I told his Daddy.

"That's my baby," his Daddy said.

"The boy look like he's about to sing instead of play football," I commented.

"That's my baby," his Daddy repeated.

LOL. The boy is happy to play football.

Here he is with his Daddy... Both of them cheesing hard. 

 And we can't forget about Milk and Cookies 3.0 can we?
 Hopefully he will be playing football soon!

They are such happy children.  Thankful for that.

And here is Milk and Cookies Jr.'s first school picture.
His first school picture! Kindergarten! How wonderful is that? Such a handsome little boy, he is.

I was standing at the mailbox all weepy, staring at that picture. (I know my neighbors had to be looking out the window and thinking... what's wrong with her?)

My brother is so proud. He says he is doing well and is one of the smartest children in the class. And we are all thankful for that.

I am thankful for family today. No, we don't get together much, but that's okay. We do what we can. 

Alright now... Thanksgiving is coming. If you haven't started defrosting your chitlins yet, you need to get on that. You need time to clean them and cook them. So get going!


Have a good week... on purpose.


  1. Anonymous3:34:00 PM

    I'm thankful I stumbled upon your blog....I have been challenged and encouraged by your posts over the years and I am forever GRATEFUL

    DEE in san diego

    1. I am thankful for you too, Dee :)

  2. Nobody is cooking chitlins... Yuck!

    1. YOU are. In other words, you better get on in there and clean them so you can get them ready just in time for Thanksgiving.


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