Thursday, March 26, 2015

Close Encounter of the Worst Kind (Can You Imagine?)

So uh...

What would you do if you walked out the house and saw THIS:


It would take a moment to register with me. I see myself blinking twice. The question "What the hell is THAT?" would not come out of my mouth, but it would fly lightning speed through my mind.

And then I'd scream so hard that I would faint. But not before taking my tail back in the house and closing the door. Closing the door hard!

Ain't that some craziness?  I thought  it was a small child at first. It even looks like it has on a pair of pants.

That's a close encounter of the worst kind.

Don't worry. That is a flying fox that is native to Austrailia. And it's a herbivore/nectiavore. That means no meat. They like nectar and they are good for pollinating stuff. (You  know I had to go read  about them).

But still...

I'm just glad that they are not indigenous to the USA.  Could you imagine a whole flock of those suckers flying over your head?

Got doggitt!!  That looks like something out of Jurassic Park. What the heck?  Can you imagine?

Not I.  No way. I don't even want to go to the zoo and see that.

And I live a mile from my city zoo. Every once in awhile, something gets loose. A snake, an owl...

But I would have to relocate if the flying foxes get loose (if they even have them).  And when they find them, then, and only then, could I move back home.

Only then.


  1. Honey, I thought that was Dracula's spawn lol I would run like hell myself

  2. That is like a small child hanging on the side of your house!!!


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