Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Freestyles

I am OFF today.

That should be enough to freestyles right there. We can just end that.

The only thing that would make it better was if today was payday. Yep.

But alas it ain't.

LadyTee's birthday is on Monday, but she wanted to celebrate today. I am fine with that. It is Friday, and I can have a proper three day weekend. We are going to go see Insurgent.


I hope it's good! The last one was a Hunger Games lite. So I expect the same from this one.

One of my coworkers, a youngster at work, is an extra in this movie. She told me where to look for her. When I see her, I'm going to stand up and clap.

I am.

I am proud of young Kels. She takes her acting classes and she's an extra in a few things. I look for her.

I do.

We are going to eat at South City Kitchen, one of Atlanta's best restaurants.

I expect to drop $100 easy. I hope no more than $200. It get that high, I do believe we just need to sneak up out of there. I got the cheese, but something wrong with spending that much on dinner. But I see several entrees I want to sample. So bring our food. And some to go boxes. We will be using those...

...When we sneak up outta there.

We will.

So... some CRAZY stuff happen this week. Something I can't really say, because it is too doggone deep. I am still trying to absorb and understand it.

But something else happen.


Whoooooo weeeee!!!!

*ladylee bunny hops all around the room... forever and ever*

Whoooooo!!! Glory!!!

So... on Sunday a third single came out. I listened to it early in the day, but I wanted to listen to it later that night through my headphones. It had disappeared though.

Awwwww. Musta been a leak.


I went to bed. I woke up to check my phone for the time. And there was the WHOLE playlist of the album from Spotify.

You know when you stand up too fast... and not enough blood reaches your head in time... and you feel all faint.

That was me.

I ran into the living room... The cats didn't know what was going on. (I was yelling GIT OUT DA WAY, Sister Callie! Move your slow tail, Mitch!! MOVE!).

I frantically hooked my phone up to my surround sound speakers in the living room, and I heard....


Poor cats. You could see the look in their eyes as they stared at me doing my high rockette kicks and wonder woman spins. "Mornings... they are usually filled with gospel music and prayer... what is this ratchetness LadyLee is playing?"

It ain't gospel, but far from ratchet. Some black power, angry, despair loveliness.

I didn't think dude could top Good Kid, Mad City.  But doggonit, he did it.

I have listened to To Pimp a Butterfly (which is a play on To Kill a Mockingbird), no less than 20 times, and I hear something different every time.

It is mecurial. It is organic. It is angry. It is everything.

It is not trap music. You can't twerk and be a hoe to it.

If I was a rapper about to release something after this dude did. I would just delete it... and start over. Or just go away.

Favorite lyrics...

If I was the President.
I'd pay my Mama's Rent.
Free all my homies and dem
Bulletproof my Chevy doors,
Lay in the White House and get high
Oh Lord, who ever thought Massa'd take the chains off me!!!

*ladylee does Wonder woman spin*

One more...

I washed my hands, I said my grace
What more do you want from me?
Tears of a clown, guess I'm not all that was meant to be.
Shades of grey would never change, if I condone
Turn this page, help me change
To right my wrong.

I don't know what's up with that last lyric. That's from the song "How Much a Dollar Cost". I think it's a prayer. Kendrick gets into it with a begging homeless man. Turns out the homeless man is God. O_O. Like I said, I don't know what that lyric means, but Ron Isley sang it VERY well. Goodness. I need to go pull out my Isley Brothers greatest hits CD.

Maaaan... this is some grown folks music. Rare for me to have an album I can listen to from top to bottom. He even interviews Tupac at the end. *flatlines*

Oh my.

Thank you, Kendrick!!! Whoooo chile... thank you.

man... Ya'll will NOT take this dude's grammy this time. Nope. You will not. You will not.

My mind and heart is still on FLEEK. Maybe I will calm down soon.

That's it for me. I have run out of time. Gotta get up and go get LadyTee so we can get our Thelma and Louise thing on. Minus that crazy ending. LOL.

You have a great weekend. On purpose.


  1. You are a Kendrick Lamar stan/fanatic... Sigh maybe we need to get you in some kind of rehab lol.

    1. Do you realize how horrific and simple today's rap is? And they have been tight-lipped about this CD. And it came out by suprise a week early. Oh my!!!

      I just want something with some substance that makes me think. And some decent production. His last CD was perfect and i wanted to know if he could top that. And he did. I am happy for that.

  2. Anonymous4:00:00 PM

    "You can't twerk and be a hoe to it"
    I choked on my sammich
    Ok let me see where I can listen for free...
    Loved his last cd

    Dee in San Diego

  3. Blessings
    Hope you have a great day off.


  4. I'm going to really need to listen to Kendrick Lamar's new album to keep up with you.

    1. Keep up with me? I don't listen to a lot of rap. It has to be something thought provoking. I will leave Young Thug and Nikki Minaj to YOU, Sasha. I can't do the trap music either!

      Man... I loved Good Kid, Mad City. I like concept albums, and I thought Pimp the Butterfly would be one. It's like watching a movie or reading a book. I was wondering if he could top that. And he did.

      The next CD I'm waiting on curiously is from Wale. His comes out on the 31st. I listen to his old go-go. But this CD is narrated by Jerry Seinfield, I believe. That should be interesting, especially if it's a concept album.


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