Friday, March 13, 2015

Good Friday Morning....Or Afternoon. FINALLY.

It is Friday.


Lawd help me. This has been a long week. And I have been feeling like this little girl.

Emotional. For no dayum reason. Sigh.

One good thing, though.  And it's payday. And when I saw that new amount on that pay stub I wanted to jump up on the desk and holler...


But I can't do that. It's too doggone quiet over here. And that's the way I like it.

I whisper  "Glory" to  my my ownself in my own space and I keep it moving.

On a side note, the Triple F Posse is doing Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey every Thursday  night.  We are suppose to be on a envelope system. One of those envelopes is "blow money".  That is money you can just spend. I said that I would have not a blow envelope, but a "BALL 'TIL I FALL ENVELOPE". And I would trick that envelope out with all kinds of rhinestones and colors.

So every pay day I have a proverbial "Ball Til I Fall Envelope". I close my eyes for a couple of minutes every pay day and I spend in my mind.

Then I come back to reality.  But it's a nice mental trip, though!


I have been dragging all week. I don't like cleaning up when I get home. Goodness. I like to save that for the weekend. But I am back in some type of routine in the evenings, where I clean for about half an hour a night. Any longer than that and I am just wiped out. I think I am using more mental energy on this new job and I just want to lay down and watch TV when I get home.

I have been quite jealous of Sister Callie.

Look at her, all laid out like that. Man, I wish I could stretch out like that.

And of course she has knocked my journal off the table again. Along with a nail file and an ink pen. Sigh.

But I wish I could stretch out like that. That's that good sleep. Sigh.

Pam is still stuck in the backyard.

You see I tried to do some bootleg and put some cardboard out there under the wheels and work it all out.

Nope, it wasn't going down. And it's been raining too.

My little yard has semi-flooded out with all the rain. Not sure what to do. I called a tow company and they said they start at $100 for pulling it out. I think I will pass. Next week is supposed to be a dry week. I was thinking about buying a couple of sacks of rocks and working it out that way. We will see.

I throw this in a high class problem category.  It has been there for 2 weeks. It will get out. Eventually. I will just drive the Lexus instead. Hmph.

I made cookies for a group meeting. Everyone liked them.

And here's my favorite lunch of the week. Lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes in a spinach wrap.
And it has some spicy hummus inside. That's some GOOD eating. I am one step from the itis with that one.

And I am out of spinach wraps. Sigh.

So I think I did 5 posts in one today, didn't I?

I think I have a quest post coming up on Monday over at Make sure you check that out. I hope you have been reading, because the ladies are putting it down over there.  I told the Green Eyed Bandit last night at our Triple F Posse meeting that I learned some things about her that I didn't know. And that's a good thing.

I love getting a glimpse of people's hearts. I love getting a glimpse of the truth. 

Not saying folks don't tell the truth. But what are your thoughts? What are your thoughts when no one is looking?

What are your underlying thoughts?

Thoughts are simple seeds you know...

They truly are.

I will leave you with that mini food-for-thought.  Yes I will.

And you have a good weekend. On purpose.


  1. Anonymous11:09:00 PM

    Hubby said to put some lumber under the tires to get it out the mud!

    I am jealous of Sister Callie too. Shooots, that some kinda yoga stretch.


    1. I thought about that. Not sure to do that. I will text you about it.

      Man. Callie know how to get her sleep on.


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