Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Help for Pam... Finally

So... Pam was stuck in the mud in my backyard for a couple of weeks. I was waiting for it to dry up outside so I could move her, but it only caused me to tare up my yard a little more each time. So one sunny  Sunday, I had a mini-pep rally in the house and I ran outside with hopes of moving her...

And it didn't work out.

So I called the local tow truck company.

Back up, now. I called a tow truck company a week prior to this, but they said "Nope! We're not playing in the mud today."

I told them that they only had to move it a few feet. They didn't care. I called another company and they said it was too late. (It was near dusk. And I live in the hood. They are definitely not having that!)

Anyway, I called the same company back on the following sunny Sunday, and they came out and towed my car out of the mud.

How simple was that?

It took all of 2 minutes to tow my car out of the mud.

And here's how my yard looks afterward.

Ugh. So I will spread that out and go buy some grass seed and hay and work it out. It should be a good learning opportunity. Can an oldgirl grow fresh pretty green grass where there once was grass? We shall see.

Oh, I tried to get my car out with some cardboard leveraging. No, I didn't have rocks and plywood.  Only cardboard. And cardboard looks like plywood, right?

And look what it caused:
Wet cardboard stuffed all under my car. Yuck.

Then I finally manged to get it out from under the car.
I tried to wash water off my wheels with my water hose. That didn't work out.
The wheels are still muddy.

Oh joy.

My driveway is muddy. 

Oh joy.            

And I did something silly: I used a pushbroom to push all the muddy water off the driveway. And you see the results.

So you know what and how I feel about all of this...

...It's a high class problem. 

I think back to my mini-pep rally in the house, singing hard and fast about how I was gonna get my car out of the backyard. No, I didn't go back there and simply get it out. I had to call a tow truck. It costs $75  to do so.

Any which way it goes, it is out. Pam is out of the backyard.

I haven't driven her yet. And it's been two weeks since she's been out of the backyard. No I haven't driven her. I just wanted to have her back in the driveway.

Now if that ain't a high class issue, I don't know what is. In other words, there is no need for me to gripe and complain about it. No indeed.

She may need a repair. I'm not sure. She has to pass emissions. The engine light goes on and off. So I have to get the emissions while the light is off. This means that I need to sneak and drive her for a week without the police chasing me down and giving me a ticket.

I will work that out.

I'm just glad Pam is no longer stuck in the mud!

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  1. Oh my! What an ordeal. At least Pam is out the mud though. Thank God!


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