Monday, March 09, 2015

Good Monday Morning... Or Afternoon... or Whatever It Is.

Good Monday Morning... or Afternoon.

I'm not sure what it is, especially with this time change. I am all throwed off.  I was up and down all night. I couldn't sleep right for nothing in the world. 

I haven't been able to find time to blog like I like with this new job change. I seem to be running a bit hard at work, and when I go home, I pretty much crash. I just be so exhausted. That makes it a bit difficult to do housework, which is really irking me. I did a lot of decluttering this weekend, and I am all tuckered out from that. I really needed today off. I may have a visitor next weekend so I have had to come up with a plan to get a few things done this week if I can muster the energy. Let's just say my sister Kentucky had to give me a real good pep talk. I think I am up and ready to go on and come up with some type of plan to tidy up the way I like when someone comes through. The operative word is think.

This is a borderline high class problem. I say borderline because I am not living off in a makeshift tent in the desert in a tent city somewhere. THAT would be something to be concerned over. Decluttering means that I have too much crap laying around. At the same time, I have GOT to deal with my insecurities when it comes to having people over. I tend to live like a squatter. I have to spruce things up when people come through. I GOT to get past that. Lord have mercy.

That is one of my idiosyncracies. It comes with being such a loner. And it takes me all of maybe 2 hours to clean my house from top to bottom, so I just don't know what I'm moaning about.

This will all go in the category of ...middle class problems. 

Borderline bull... but still an issha.

And I will work it out the best way I can.

New Dog. There's a new puppy in town! His name is Diesel!

No... it's not my puppy. Heavens no. I like dogs, but doggonit, cats work out better for me. I can just leave Callie and Mitch for days with no problem. While I was gone to Philly for a conference a couple of weeks, I put down a mixing bowl of food and water and 2 big boxes of kitty litter and that was that. Kentucky stopped by a couple of times to check on them and that was it. With a dog, you have to let that sucker outside twice a day. Uh, no. Dogs are much friendlier, though. Cats have an attitude. Definitely that Sister Callie. I don't know what her mood is from moment to moment.

No, Diesel is my former cubicle mate The Cowgirl Cre's puppy. 

But doesn't Mr. Diesel looks suspiciously like another animal?

He looks like my cat Mitchell Lamar! Even down to the white-tipped tail.

So, I didn't know that tuxedo dogs existed.

Why you trying to be like me, Cowgirl Cre? Get your own brand of dog. Don't copy! LOL.

And you know me and how nerdy and scientific I am. There's actually a gene that causes the tuxedo effect in animals. It's called the white spotted gene. I actually read up on it. But I will spare you the boring details of it. I'm just nosey and nerdy like that.

Song of the Week. I like old Wale these days, and here is something from his Folarin mixtape.  "Change Up"

So uh... this sounds sampled. I am guessing this because no one really does any original music these days, especially rap music.

And I found the sample. "Change Up" by Jean Terrelle.

I'd never heard of her. Turns out she was Diana Ross' replacement in the Supremes when Ross left. I like that song. I wish she would've been more popular.

That's it for me.

I don't know if I will be posting all week. But maybe I will.

Because I really want to.

We will see. 

Either way, have a good week.

On purpose.


  1. Lee , Get off me and Diesel !! I wanted to rescue a black puppy. God made sure I got the right one .. Diesel who just happen to have white markings. Did yall know black cats and dogs even the young ones are in most cases the last to find a home or the ones left at the kill shelters? So if you can the next time you are in the market for a cat or dog rescue a black one or at least give one a chance. They say most people over look them. All the dogs I have ever had were black rescues except one. I love them all. My Solomon is still Head of Canine Security at my house. He has to help training Diesel. Sit down Lee before I release my puppy teeth ankle biter loose on you.

    1. I still think Diesel's name should have been Kanye. That is what I will call him. LOL.

      I met a lady on the plane who runs a black dog rescue group. That was an interesting conversation. You dog people are SERIOUS. That's all.

      I still think you are copying off of me. You went and got a tuxedo dog. Humph.

      I will come over there and see him before he get too big.

  2. Diesel is so cute!!

  3. I can identify with the visitor/house decluttering thing. I get so spastic when people are coming over, even family. I had birthday party for my grandson on Saturday. I was nervous wreck about it. Everybody had a great time. Sometimes the stuff that bothers us no one else notices. The puppy is so cute--but they are a lot of work.

    1. I am getting all worked up over nothing as usual. I just worry about how tired I am when I get home. I have a plan, though. And I am going to work my plan.

    2. Thanks Robin ! Puppies are alot of work but well worth it once they are trained. Diesel is going to school next week at the ripe old age of 10 weeks of age.

  4. Diesel is very cute imo. Mitch looks wise with his whiskers and eyebrows. He reminds me of Albert Einstein.

    1. I was looking at some of Mitch's old kitten paperwork and his name was "Old Man". I have been calling him that lately.

    2. Thanks BOP!! I just love my little Diesel. He and Solomon (my 11 yr old dog) have a conversation about respect and not jumping up on old dogs. Diesel calmed his little self down to re evaluate life and such. I know solomon scared him but he learned.


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