Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Traffic Jams


I know I need to post.

And I wanted to do some posts about my quick business trip to Philadelphia.  But it  takes awhile to go through pictures.

This morning, Val,  aka Serenity_23, is starting to get all antsy because I haven't posted anything. Well, I think I will appease her. She hates cats, so uh... I will do an update post on Mitchell Lamar and Callie Jo. Just for her.


There they are, sleeping peacefully. Callie has gotten the notion lately to go somewhere and hide, as it seems like she likes to get her beauty sleep alone, away from the touchy-feely Mitch.

Callie and Mitch like to roam the beams above the living room, especially when I'm laid out on the sofa or cleaning up the living room. It is most definitely the best vantage point to watch my every move. 

But sometimes, there are problems.  I have noticed that traffic jams occur. And Sister Callie gets an attitude.
She gets all confused because she can't figure out how to get around Mitch and back to the landing.
I have to talk to her.

"Sister Callie, calm down. Don't get your panties all in a bunch!  Just walk all the way around the long way!"

She stares. Confused and annoyed. 
She eventually figures out that she needs to walk the long way around.

And Mitch is left all by his lonesome.
I just don't want any repeats of the fights that use to take place high up on the beams between Kramer and Oscar-Tyrone.

None of that, please.

Mitch isn't all that aggressive. And even though he is 3 months younger than Callie, he is quite solid and heavy pawed, so she doesn't go at him that much.

So there will just be the steady traffic jams.

One of them has fallen before. I don't know which one, but I can tell from the long scratch mark on one of the beams that a cat fell. 

They are both fine. I hear they land on both feet so...

These traffic jams are not much trouble at all.


  1. I do not hate cats. I just don't like them very much lol.

    1. That post was just for you, babes!

  2. I had no idea you once had a cat named Kramer. Lol

    1. Kramer was a long term visitor. He was Chayse's cat. Stayed for 1.5 years.

      I had never dealt with a long-haired cat before... so uh, he was just here for a visit.


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