Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Funnies... the Fashion Edition


As you know, I sit in a new cubicle area. The people are interesting enough. Earlier this week I wrote about making cubicle mate E a batch of oatmeal raisin cranberry walnut cookies. E sits in the cubicle behind mine. I think he is very happy that I sit in front of him.

And then there's the chick that sits in front of me. Dr. Hazel Eyes.

I have talked about her before. That is my online name for her, for the obvious reasons. And when my brother Milk and Cookies was a teenager, he'd come down to the job to see me, and he would whisper to me in his best low voice "Is the lady with the hazel eyes here?  Can we go see her?"

*ladylee kicks the hard eyeroll as Milk and Cookies smiles with anticipation*

So now... I sit behind her.

And last Friday I saw her come back from lunch. I noticed the purse she draped over her shoulder. It had one strap. I thought that was interesting... and perplexing.

So later, as I passed by her desk, I asked if I could see her purse. She was on the phone at the time, but she handed it to me in one move, without looking, and while still continuing talking on the phone.

It was a nice purse. And it was a purse with one strap.

I brushed my hand across the cool surface. It was real leather, not that fake leather. I glanced at Dr. Hazel Eyes, wishing she would get off the phone. She continued talking. I looked back at the purse, examined the tag hanging from the side.

"U-G-G," I said slowly. I glanced back down at Dr. Hazel Eyes.

"U-G-G," I said again to myself.

"U Gucci Gucci," I thought to myself.

Dang. This chick done bought some doggone Gucci knockoff purse. I was gonna jone on her once she got off the phone.

Dr. Hazel Eyes had bought a U-Gucci-Gucci purse. The question was though, what did the "U" stand for?

Who knew?

"Look," I pointed, not caring whether she was on the phone or not. "What does this mean?"

"Ugg," she mouthed. She pointed at her shoes. "Uggs."

Uggs.  Those were some type of boots. They were the eskimo snow boots people wore. I only paid any attention to them because I saw some girl wearing them in the summertime.

Then I looked down at Dr. Hazel Eyes shoes.

Dang. When did the folks at UGG start making sneakers. Wow. And they looked like Nikes. Or Reeboks.

Of course I figured out after a moment that these are regular sneakers. Some Nikes or something. But for a moment I thought they were UGG. Well I don't know what they are. But I knew if I reached down and lifted her pants leg to look at the brand, she would kick my tail.

All while still talking on the phone.

She laughed later when I told her my thoughts on the U-Gucci-Gucci.

I decided to leave her alone while she is on the phone in the future.

This was funny. So funny that I can be dense like that.

Well, fashionably dense.

But that's alright. I got educated that day.

And you had to be there. It was indeed funny,.

And with that said, you be sure to have a good laugh... and a good weekend.

On purpose.


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