Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Afternoon Randoms: The President's Day Edition

Good afternoon, ya'll...

I want to wish you all a very Beloved and Happy Presidents' Day.


Let's remix that.

I wanna wish ALL ya'll a Happy Presidents' Day!

Yeah! That's what's up. Booyah!

Happy President's Day FOR REAL YO!

Taking a good look at that... somebody was having a Tax Return Party for Presidents' Day bay in 2011.

Shoot, honey. That would be fly right there. Get all your tax return documents together and come on over here! Jane is in the back there, with her crew, hooking up your taxes. Just sign up. The DJ will call out your name when it's time for them to do your taxes.

But while you wait...

You drank...

And Party...

And drank...

And party!!

Man... and don't let them have food. Hot wings. Nachos. Chips. Dip. Cake. ALL the liquor you can drank.


That's a good idea. Someone do that. Yes. I will be there.


(And you know EVERYBODY will be there. EVERYBODY).

Oh well. Wishful thinking.

I am happy about Presidents' Day. Why?? Because I am OFF. It is a gub'ment holiday. And I like it.

If I had one of those wigs that President George Washington wore, I surely would put that sucker on and parade around the house in it. Yes. I would.

But not today.

You know... I haven't done much today. I had some ice cream last night, and I have had a right sinus cavity full of mucus as punishment. So I have been moving slow all day. I talked to LadyTee for an hour, ate some grits, took my meds and took a two hour nap.

So now, my day is half over. I had these grandiose dreams of getting some things done. I was thinking, I am off, I can at least get 10 days done today. I've only gotten 2 things done: write my 3 personal pages I write every morning... and feed and water the cats. (You know Callie ain't going for not being fed. She will stomp up and down my sleeping body until I wake up and feed her. Mitch will just lay on my head.)

I have several more things to do. I think I can get them done from 4 until...

Anyway, I had a great weekend. I attended a GREAT writing workshop by David Darracott.

That guy David Darracott was AWESOME. It was a half day workshop. I learned a lot. I learned mainly that I need to go back and look at all the stuff I'm continuously editing on paper and in my head. It got me excited about my editing. I can write all the day long... it's just that editing thing. Ugh.

And I found a nice writer's group to join.

They are 40 miles from my house. The other one I belong to is 35 miles away.

Worth the drive!

That is all...

Song of the Week. I have been listening to way too much ratchet rap music for some reason. That needs to stop. Immeditiately.

But I found a song I really like. And it is a bit deep off the pages. "Fear" by Tech9ne.

I like that song. Speaks to our questionings of God when stuff is going wrong in our lives. If I could hear more rap that challenged my thinking, I would be alright.

I like tech9ne. Because he is independent and highly productive. And he is a bit older than these younger rappers. He be on some other ish sometimes that makes me raise an eyebrow. But I don't have to hear about bricks being sold out the trunk of the car. Thank goodness.

But I will have to move back to my regular old school music... Calming... soothing. Nostalgic.


Well, the Birthday Sweeps is almost over... It was suppose to end yesterday, but I have 2 more posts to do. So I think we will pull on Wednesday or Thursday.

Note. I am giving away ONE gift card. One comment pulled. I usually give away two. But I didn't know if I was going to even post anything, and I have been too busy to be "Rah-rah-RAH" about all this. So go back and look. One card.

Someone at work laughed at me about the whole sweepstakes thing. "So, you giving away something on YOUR birthday."

"That's right," I said. "I'm sowing some seed."

I'm not sure they understood that. Oh well.

Let's just say, I like to present an offering at milestones in my life. I am not giving it at church. I am giving to someone around me.

My thanks to God for another year of life.

At church, we give offering now when church is over. On morning bible study sessions, we give our offereing at the end of the service, while leaving the chapel and walking out the door to the car. And that started a few years ago, but I see that I do that anyway in many areas of my life. When I reach a goal or milestone, I give an offering of some sort. But outside of church. I sow a seed of thanksgiving. It is like me saying "amen" at the end of a prayer.

That may be tooo deep for you to understand.

Oh well... you will understand this Oldgirl. Someday.

And with that said.... I'm out.

Stay tuned for more posts. And that drawing...

And have a Happy Presidents' day... and week... on purpose.


  1. Holla!! More chances for me to win!!

    1. Yes... I see you running the tables on this one. She must be going for the most comments prize. But there is none for that. Honestly, I didn't know if I could crank out all the posts I wanted to do. Like I said, I only have 2 more. So I have just about met my goal, albeit a little late.

  2. Always Watching by Alesia Parker. Does have it? I couldn't find it. I wouldn't mind perusing it. Just curious.

    1. Oh Bop... Dude... Those are concept covers. I wrote Always Watchinga few years ago, but it is only 240 pages long and I need to lengthen it by 100 pages. I have put character sketches of a few character who will be folded into that story on blog:

      It's a matter of putting them in. Either that or turn the story into a novella. But it stands up as a novel if I add another 100 pages. Hard to do. I need to just write it from scratch, I suppose. We will see

      Anyhow, what is MAD interesting is that the meeting next month is about how to do some things I will need to do to get everything up on Amazon. (I plan on self-pubbing; traditional publishing is dead or dying).

      Jawbreaker is closest to coming out. It's only 30 pages long.

    2. A lady I met on the Plenty Of Fish dating site has two of her books on Amazon. Her name is Onawa Kachina Pleasures. If you google her name, you can go to her website. She is an African-American female whose's books are not "super-hits" but they are out there. If you email her, she may be able to give you pointers on getting on Amazon. We never dated (she said there were no sparks) but we communicated in the beginning of our "fishing". She has a couple of old videos on YouTube you could check out. Anyway, have a good one. Talk at ya.

    3. @BOP... I am WAY ahead of you, bruh. I have even read a really good book on how to e-format all of my writing, and I can do that in my sleep. It was interesting that the speaker talked about that was the way to go. (How many bookstores do you even see around now). So it was cool to hear a real author talk about it.

      Thanks for the info. I will look her up! Thanks!


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