Monday, February 23, 2015

Good Monday Morning... Birthday Sweepstakes Winner

It's that time again... Time for the sweepstakes winner to be announced!

First of all.... Good Monday Morning.

It's been a cold and rainy weekend in the ATL. Not really all that cold. But everyone seems to be collectively wide-eyed, trying not to get caught up in some tomfoolery where it's so cold that rain turns into ice and we all iced out and sitting on the highway looking straight up crazy...

But oh well. That didn't happen. And I need it to not do anything ratchet like that, as I am flying out to a conference later this week. It's only for a couple of days up north, but I don't want to be on the TV news telling a story of being straight stranded somewhere. Nope.

So hopefully all goes well. My weekend has been a blur of getting ready for this trip. I've pulled my flyest gear out the closet and making sure it all fit just right. And it looks like I am pretty much ready to go.

Anyway, on to the winner of the Birthday Sweepstakes. This year, there is only one winner. I kept it low-key on purpose. I've been so busy and distracted, that I didn't think I could blog as much as I wanted. But I actually posted all that blog posts I wanted to post, mostly reminescing about year 44. So I am glad about that. But since I said only one winner early on, then one winner it is.

So there were 73 entries. Here they are.
If you don't see your name, it's on the second page, under the first. That is mostly email and/or text messages. Sorry. By the time I realized it, I had cut up the names.

'Tis a small stack, as compared to my Dr. Parker soda can.

And that's cool. A low key drawing this time.

I have a new person responsible for pulling my names... I moved to a new building, and I found someone new in my area. Hence, Commander By has been fired. (He wasn't too sad about it. I think he is happy for his military comrad to take over his job).

The new person sits in my area in the new building. Her name is Commander "Git Jiggy Wit It!"

Just like Commander By, she too is a member of the military, trained in hand-to-hand combat. I NEVER worry about some active shooter, terrorist, or alien rolling up into the workplace with some tomfoolery.

I'm not all that worried because Commander Git Jiggy Wit It sits a couple of cubicles away. I will just go crawl up under her desk.

She got on her combat boots! Laced all the way up!

Anybody come near us, she will STOMP them. And when she kicks the enemy's azz, she doesn't have to worry about losing her footwear. That's smart, if you ask me.

She really doesn't even need to stomp a fool. She has deadly hands. When those hands ball up into angry fists, it is ON and POPPIN!

Fist's of Fury!

I'll just run over her way and be protected by her Fists of Fury!

Fists tough enough to take out the enemy!
In one shot. One right hand jab will do it!


She has hands gentle enough to nurture and care for her children, a little boy and a little girl.

Hands precise and agile enough to pull the winning name of the Oldgirl LadyLee 45th Birthday Sweepstakes!

So it was time to pull a name. We needed a container. There was the plastic bag...

But I decided that would be better used as a purse.  A Jiggy purse, for when she was out in the field undercover. She can't carry her normal fly pocketbook, as that will cause her to stand out to the enemy.  She can conceal her Git jiggy essentials in this Git Jiggy Pocketbook and tape it to her chest. Yes. Undercover! Vice!

We can't have her standing out! (Especially since she is protecting MY freedom. NO!)

So we pulled out the Git Jiggy Cup!

So she shaked the Jiggy Cup...
And she shaked the Jiggy Cup!

And she pulled a name!

And the winner is....
That Oldgirl Chele!!!!


Chele! Your comment on the 9th on the Good Monday Morning Post Birthday edition did for you, hon!

Oh wait... Commander Git Jiggy Wit It has to officially certify the winnings...
Chele! You win a $45 gift card from Target or Walmart!

Go girl! I said Go Girl!

I like Chele. She's been one of my favorite bloggers for the last 8 or 9 years.

She is one of my favorite authors. I love her books.

And she is also my favorite SuperHero.

I think she had just won a figure competition. And righfully so. But that looks like some type of sword she has in her hands. I assume that is the trophy.

But she is a superhero in my book. I remember when she started that fitness journey, when it was a mere seed, a mere thought in her mind. It is always wonderful to read and be a witness such a uncommon thing happen.

And the trophy, it's a sword. She can take out some people with that... Hence Super Chele to the rescue!

All she needs is a cape, man.  Fab Fit Flygirl!

50 looks good on YOU!

(She is gonna kill me for jacking pictures off her site. Oh well. You need to lock those down, hon.You will have to come to the ATL and chase me down).

I've always wanted to meet Chele. That's a bucket list item. But I fear it would be like when Celie passed out on the dirt road when Shug Avery was leaving for Memphis. She is such an icon in my eye. Sigh.

I wish I lived up her ways. She has started her own personal training company. I would be a client. I would just have to get behind on my mortgage and mess up my credit score. I want to be fab and fit at 50 too!

Ok. Time for me to stop jocking!

So congrats Chele. Good for you. Holler at me on my gubment or oldgirlladylee email. Or twitter. Or facebook. Whereever honey! And if you want me to hit up a Sports Authority for the gift card, I will. Just make sure the sports store is near Downtown ATL, preferably out on the Southside. Okay??

I know you like Target. So holler back!

So that's it for the sweepstakes. Next Sweepstakes is in August for my 10th Bloggaversary.

I need to start saving up money for that one. What I want to do? I don't know if I can afford to do. But we will see. Yes indeed.

So watch out, now!

That's it for the sweepstakes. In honor of Commander Git Jiggy Wit It's first day on the job, the Song of the Week is dedicated to her!! Will Smith "Get Jiggy Wit it"

Not sure how long that will stay up before it is yanked. So enjoy while you can.

Thank you Commander Jiggy for pulling the names. And thank you for protecting my freedom!

Stay tuned for a full battery of posts this week, some automatic as I will ghost. And don't come trying to rob my crip. I have a bootleg housesitter. That should shock Mitch and Callie good fashion, lol.

Have a great week. Not by default, but by design. On purpose!!!


  1. Congrats Chele!! You deserve it!!

  2. Congrats Chele

  3. Congrats Chele

  4. Holy crap! I won! Thanks OldGirl! By the way ... I'm coming to the ATL in August to compete in another competition.


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