Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cookies for Friends

I like cookies.

I like to bake cookies.

But here's my problem: when I want cookies, I only want one or two cookies.

NOT a whole batch.

They would sit around the house so long that they would go stale and I would have to throw them out. Maybe there is a way to freeze them. Hmm...

Anyway, the order of the day is to take any excess cookies to work. Let's just say people are always eager to grab them.

One of my new cubicle mates liked some oatmeal raisin cranberry walnut cookies I made a couple of weeks ago.

That made him a good candidate for receiving my excess cookies.

I made my old boss a batch of regular oatmeal walnut cookies. She doesn't like raisins or cranberries. When she was a child, she thought the raisins were flies.


I look at her crazy whenever she says that. You would think that such fears would disappear in adulthood, but apparently they don't.

So I made a dozen cookies for her. And I made a dozen for my cubicle mate E. And there were 3 cookies left over. Those were mine.

He was very happy.  He even posed for a picture.

For some reason these days, I like to write messages on the bag of cookies. As you can see above, I wrote on his bag.

Here it is up close.

I noticed his wife and I have the same name. All these years I've know him, he's never told me that. So if I leave him a note now, I will sign my name now and follow that up with, in parentheses, not your wife.

Ha Ha! I think it's funny. (Yes, it is my own brand of internal comedy. Some things are funny just to me, you see).

I hope they made his day great.

The big smile and the big hug he gave me made me think that it did!


  1. Anonymous10:41:00 AM

    Those you gave us really made my husband smile! Your cookies are so delicious!


  2. I love the way you make people smile. Just the little things like homemade cookies can perk up any day. My daughter hates raisins and cranberries too. She thought raisins were ants as a child and never got over it.

  3. :) not your wife. Yes it was funny. I chuckled a bit. You and his wife could probably think up some kind of practical joke to pull on him based on your name. Just an idea. Just some talk.

  4. Yeah, I might need to move closer to get the excess cookies.

    Btw, Momma Bandit will be here Easter Weekend

  5. Yeah, I might need to move closer to get the excess cookies.

    Btw, Momma Bandit will be here Easter Weekend


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