Monday, February 09, 2015

Good Monday Morning... The Post Birthday Edition

Oh it is The Morning After...

Or better yet, The Monday After...

The Monday after my birthday. My 45th birthday! I still marvel at that.

And it was a good weekend. The weekend continues. I was off on Friday, and I am off today. No more partying for me. I just have a doctor appointment today, in the middle of the day way down in the southern suburbs, so no need to go to work today. This is the first day of my new job, but oh well.  I will show up tomorrow.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by my boss with a Happy Birthday/Congrats on your Promotion Party.

First, back up. Earlier that day, Cowgirl Cre and I went out to lunch at Gordon Biersch.

I rarely go there because it is so darn expensive. But I wanted some seafood, and even though there are some 15 restaurants near the job, there aren't any real seafood places.

But I had the seafood.

I had fish and chips.

Cowgirl Cre had the fish tacos.

That was the lightest fried fish I ever had. And Cre enjoyed her tacos!

Cre was throwing out all kind of cues that there would be cake when we got back. I didn't pick up on any of that. I remember her saying "Save room for dessert." But when the check for lunch came and the waitress asked if we were having dessert, Cre said no. I was thinking, oh well, maybe she changed her mind. And then when we parted ways at work to go back to our respective cubicles, she said "See you at two!"

I thought that meant she was coming my way at two.

A party was the very last thing to cross my mind.

Why? Because I don't go to celebrations at work. I'm not part of any of the controlling cliques and crews. They do grand stuff. I stay out of it, because there is some bit of drama involved. Even down to inspection of the envelopes to see who gives how much money. Who needs that ish? And then folks come to me with their complaining about it all. Ugh.

Many years ago, people were big on potlucks, parties and what-not.. We REALLY looked forward to it, especially if management was gone off to training or something. But these days, that is all touch and go. It can either go bad or good. I consider myself a fringe character, a loner. Hence, no parties for me!

And that's fine. When someone leaves, retires, etc... I bake them a batch of cookies, decorate up a nice card, and/or, if they were especially impactful in my life in the workplace, write a check to make their eyes pop. That is how I... cope. That's how I... sow some seed, and show my real appreciation.

But when I got back to my desk, and was prepping to go into the lab, my old boss called and said that there was a party.


And to come on over.

And she'd bought a cake:


And there were 2 cakes!

Happy Birthday and Congrats! How wonderful... and highly unexpected!

And there was fruit!
You know I love fruit. I wanted to open that top and put my face in it, lol.

That was so nice, especially since I'm not really "leaving". I am in another group, in the next building over. I come over to the other building for meetings, etc. I still see people.

There were 2 nice cards.

I thought that was really nice. And there was a gift certificate for $50 to the Whole Foods.

I almost passed out when I saw that. You know how I feel about Whole Foods. I'm gonna go in there and buy that GOOD lettuce now. LOL!

It was such a nice gesture. I truly appreciate it. Sooooo unexpected. Really cool. Thanks boss!

Anyway, I spent a couple of days with my best friend, which is a rarity. I haven't seen her 2 days in a row in over a decade, lol.

She came over to my house and we watched 2 movies:

No Good Deed.

That was GREAT! I didn't care for the hershey bar dark Idris Elba as a villian. But he played a great psychopath.

And we watched one of my favorite movies: Limitless

LadyTee had never seent that one. She loved it. It was my umpteenth time seeing it. I love it more every time.

All it all, it was a good birthday weekend. Very relaxing. And that's all I could wish for.
I want to put up my other food pics but they are way too fuzzy. It is wack trying to take pictures in a dark restaurant.

But I found some pics online from Agave...

LadyTee had the tequila shrimp

 I had the stuffed Mountain trout Tomatillo!

Trout stuffed with crawfish. Good good good good GOOD. I had that with a strawberry margharita. You could've knocked me over with a feather, I was so full.

I've been wanting that for YEARS. And it was well worth it. Lawd!

Too much meat this weekend. Probably the reason I am all headachy right now. But it was all good!

Back to my veggies and fruits... and water..

Tomorrow begins a new time, a new era. And I'm happy for that.

Have a good week... on purpose!


  1. Anonymous2:37:00 PM

    Aw...a good way to spend one's birthday!

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing birthday. That $50 for Whole Foods would have been enough for me! Happy belated birthday!

  3. Happy belated birthday!! From the pictures you celebrated your birthday well. I hope you tried both cakes. lol!


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