Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It is COLD!!

I walked outside last Friday, eager and ready for the weekend, and I saw a bit of sleet on my car.

My best friend LadyTee had called me an hour earlier and said "Lee, it's snowing out here by me [on the Southside], so you need to be thinking about getting out of there a little earlier."

I didn't want to leave, for I was in the middle of something. I even went downstairs to look out the windows (there are no windows in my area). I was expecting a wild blustery blizzard, but alas, it was bleak and dry out. So I decided to just leave before dark.

And I saw that sleet. Ugh.

It was early enough. And it had stopped. The ground was wet, but not slick.

But I thought that I better get on home before the temperature went lower, before wet ground turned to icy ground. I wanted to stop by the store, but it would be dark by that time.

But I felt more like this:

Not sure I would want to hitch it all the way to Haiti. But any nice Carribean island would do right about now. Sometimes it gets so cold that I'm not sure that we will see the 90 degree temperatures of summer we tend to complain about so much again.

I am wishing for that now.

Because it is COLD.

And it's in the thirties and forties here in the ATL. But it will be in the teens where I'm traveling to...

All I can say is.... GLORY

*forcing a smile*

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