Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Happy LadyLee Day, Part I


My sister has been really excited about throwing a brunch.

She has been planning this since a little after Christmas, and since then, text messages have gone out...

"Saturday, January 31, 2015 10:30 am if you are available, I am inviting you to brunch at my home. There is nothing being celebrated... just come eat. Let me know if you're coming."

I was like sigh... okay. I'm going. But she was going to have to remind me.

There was another text sent out on January 24th that had the additional instruction:

"Come dressed super comfortable. Can't wait to hang out with you guys!"

By this time I was thinking... sigh. I have to get up and get dressed at be there by 10:30 am? On a Saturday??


I like to lay in the bed on Saturday mornings. Save for getting up and feeding Mitch and Callie. By 10:00 am, both of them be looking at me like "Yooooo... We don't care what day it is. We need you to get up and put out some food for us. NOW."


Well, I got up on the Saturday morning of the brunch and got myself together. I made it there around 10:45 am. Not quite CP time, but I was the first one there.

And then I saw this:


Man... I was ready to walk in the kitchen and grab my paper plate, plastic cutlery, and Styrofoam cup and fix my plate.

But that wasn't the case.

"Uh, am I dressed correctly for this?" I asked as I looked down at my attire of red sweatshirt, blue jeans and sneakers.

"Yes," my sister said. "I said dress comfortable. You see I got my pajamas on."

I nodded, still not believing her. And then I remembered that my best friend LadyTee wasn't going.

"LadyTee said she can't be here. She's taking Bobbie Jean [her mother] down to Macon to check on her uncle. He's sick."

"She text me," my sister said.

By this time, her couple more of her friends arrived. They all had the same reaction I had. Because she laid out a serious spread:

VERY fresh fruit!
Grits with a choice of shredded cheese, crispy crunchy bacon, and butter!

A nice salad of spring greens, biscuits, and apple danish!

Tequila lime chicken wings! Black cherry chicken wings!
Biscuits! And pulled pork sliders!
Roasted potatoes with red, green, and yellow peppers!
Sausage patties, sausage links, and crispy bacon! And behind that, strawberry, grape and peach jam for the biscuits!
Pancakes and french toast!!!  

How pretty is that!?

Double chocolate coffee infused cake.
There are on the right is a kahlua truffle.  And some muffins!
Sitting on the coffee table: some petit flors. I know I ain't spelling that correctly. But you get the point.
Those tarts are nice too.

Simosas. Non-alcoholic. I think that's how it's spelled.
Salad picture again. With italian dressing and ranch dressing in pretty bottles.
And on the end table in the living room: chocolate chip cookies, cannolis, and chocolate dipped strawberries!
Oh it was so lovely.

I texted LadyTee and said "If I were you, I would drop through Kentucky's house and grab a plate. Really."

She thought that was hilarious.

Man... If someone would have come in and said "You ninjas get outta here! Ya'll in the wrong place,"... I would have said ok, and promptly left. Because we were all dressed down. Too dressed down for this brunch. 

We were standing around that table asking "What's all this for?"

My sister said, "Just because. Just for family and friends. Just to hang out."

I stretched forth my hands over the table and hollered. "It's LadyLee Day!"

That was my proclamation. Indeed. I claimed it as a day held in MY honor.


And what a great day it was. We spent 4 hours laughing and talking and listening to music. I enjoyed my sister and her friends. There were only 5 of us, but we worked it out!

And we all left with nice to-go plates. Even though there were no paper plates available.

We worked it out with saran wrap and tin foil. You know how we do!


Thanks for a great brunch in MY honor, Kentucky. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I told her that she needs to do this EVERY Saturday. And I would write a check to help out.

She said NO! (Imagine that!)

But I got another text message for the next brunch. It will be held on April 11th. I will be there.

Yes I will. 

Oh yeah... there were even drinks...

I will post those up later this week in part II...


  1. Anonymous5:03:00 PM

    omg..it looks so delicious!
    mary jo

    1. It was AWESOME! I was O_O!!

  2. So beautiful and thoughtful. It would be nice if you guys rotated and did this once a month. But I think your sis has the gift of hospitality.

    1. It would be nice. But it would be nicer if she did it once a month and I just show up. I will even write her a check to cover expenses. LOL

  3. Awww the next brunch will be on my birthday! Raise a glass for me ;) I don't need a whole day.

    1. We sure will! It will be "This One Woman" Day.

  4. Wow! That took a lot of preparation and she was excited. Fun times. My drooled a little at the spread.

    1. She was very excited. And she needs to get excited like that every Saturday. I will be right there.

  5. Anonymous11:15:00 AM

    How elegant it all looks. Y'all best be glad I don't live nearby. I would have crashed y'all brunch and gotten me a to go plate. :)

    Glad y'all had a good time.


    1. And i would've open the door for you. "Ya'll don't know this girl, but this here is my girl Lisa B. Come on in Lisa B!"

  6. Booking my flight now for April! Lol...everything looked so good and that was super nice of your sister.

    1. Shoot... come on. I might run up in there with a whole gang of folk next time.

  7. Both of LadyLee and LadyK have the gift of hospitality. It comes via their mama. LadyLee is just a little more private and laid back with hers. But I guess they both learned some treats of the trade from their mama. Now they are able to share this gift with their friends and family when ever they choose and it is burden and drama free. LadyK this was an awesome idea.

    1. Yes, Ma was a caterer. We did NOT like having to do that stuff with her. I am glad Kentucky does it on her own terms, just for the fun of it.

      I saw on your phone that you got your text for the April 11 brunch. GET THERE.

  8. What a wonderful spread! Your sister did a great job and put a lot of effort into something that undoubtedly meant a lot to her. She gave me some ideas for a brunch I want to do for the holidays. Lovely.

    1. And she got all her platters, glasses etc, from thrift shops and estate sales. How cool and economical is that??

  9. Your little baby sister did that! Nothing beats good friends and good food paired with a good wine.

    1. I don't understand the wine parings. But she had my water in glass. I was happy with that!

  10. Your sister went ALL OUT for the brunch. So fancy!

    1. Indeed Sasha! Where you been, gal?

  11. Ladylee, I moved to Jacksonville, started a new job, and have been vacationing. lol!! Time to slow down and keep up with your posts.


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