Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Birthday #45 Spare Change

I save all my spare change from birthday to birthday.

I first heard this idea some 20 years ago on a radio talk show. People were saving their dollars from Christmas to Christmas. That's how they had their money for the Christmas holidays. I decided to try it. And for many years, I've saved all my spare change in a mason jar.

This year, the grand total is...

I forgot to take a picture of the full jar of change. This was a quart sized Mason jar, and it was 80% full. Here is the aftermath.

That change in the bottom is old leftover bus tokens and foreign coinage.

I still trip over the square coin from Aruba. There's some dutch change in there also. I will always keep that!

I use to have around $80-$90 worth of change. But I don't use cash enough... always a debit card. I remember at one time before the popularity of debit cards (when we only used debit cards), I would save DOLLAR BILLS from birthday to birthday. And at the end of the year I'd have $200-$400. That was GOOD birthday money.

And so is $63.19.

That's good birthday morning. I won't knock that. That's groceries. That's a tank of gas for Lucy Jr.

Right now, I am just holding it. For something special.

I don't know what that something special is.

But it will be special. 


  1. Well you could have bought 63 lottery tickets..

  2. Anonymous2:38:00 PM

    I like that idea. Unfortunately, I rarely have cash on me.

  3. I need to try this out. I always have change. I'm going to start now and see what I have by first week of December.

    1. Update...I started putting my change in a mason jar last week. I hope to keep it going

  4. I am doing it this year. I think somebody been hitting my piggy bank! LOL!


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