Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It is Lenten Season... Time for Increase

It is Lent.

Excuse me, let me be more formal. It is the Lenten season.

It is that time just after the Mardi Gras, where one gets oneself together after all the drunkeness and debauchery.

And people ask me... "LadyLee, what are you giving up for Lent."


Uh, nothing. I am not Catholic. I always considered that a Catholic thing.

But I respect those who give up something for the 40 days. Specifically, I enjoy the residual affects of such a fast.

And that's what it's all about, right?

I will let you ponder... and wonder about that for a moment.

Well I know where I will be for the next 40 days... Over at my homegirl Val's (Serenity_23) spot, over at

She's doing something quite interesting:


I'm looking forward to that. I participated in her 30 Days of Prayer. And I participated in her 30 Days of Thanksgiving and Gratitude.

Pure awesomeness. Fed my spirit.

I wanted to holler "You need to do something topical EVERY month, Babes."

Every. Sangle.  Month.

Really though.

But I asked myself,  concerning this subject of faith: Can she pull it off? 40  days?

Yes she can. Yes she will.  With bold flying  colors. And beautiful glitter.

She knows how to serve up and extensively exhaust a subject. She tends to look at subject matters from the rooter to the tooter. And that is FINE by me. She wants sooooo much to be like me, her big sister, that Original Oldgirl LadyLee. LOL!

So check it out.

On the serious tip, Val and I have been buddies for going on 10 years. (That picture to the left is living proof. Notice the date on the party hat, lol) She is one of the few people who pours into my spirit on a consistent basis. And she will check my tail at the door also. Upsets me, has me muttering "Silly Chicken", but I know she does it out of love. And she continues to love me anyway despite my numerous flaws. And I grow from her corrections. Who can be mad about that? Not I. Nope. She is more valuable than gold to my life.

She is one  of  my favorite Chickens. Yes. She is. 

So, like I said... check it out.

I think she has brought in several other ladies, including myself, as contributors to this series. I have a couple of ideas in mind concerning my take on faith. I will look back through my archives to see what I have. And I will write something new. I will submit my posts and let her pick what she wants. She  may send me back to the drawing board until I can come up with something masterful. And I will! I promise!

So I am looking forward to that. That is how I'm spending my Lenten season.

I'm not giving up anything. I'm taking the time to learn a thing or two.

I  am looking  it  as a time to increase.

In my faith walk. 

You could too... if you dare.


  1. Ladylee, I just told Val I have a post it note o my work desk to remind me each morning to read the posts on her blog for the next 40 days. Now that I know you'll be contributing to it I can't miss a day. Lol.
    I think I've been reading Val's blog since 2006 or 2007. Time sure does fly by. I remember I was in college when I started reading her blog. Love her so much!!

    1. She's been doing some good reading, so I am looking forward to the direction she takes things. And I have written for her before. That makes me nervous. I have two weeks to get myself together, so I better get on it! And make it great :)

      You were in college back in 2006. You make me feel... ancient.

    2. Oh LadyLee!! I'm 29 years old.


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