Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mitch and Callie Tales

Most mornings I let the paper blinds up in the living room so the cats can look out the window.  Sister Callie and Mitch get excited about this.

I'm not sure what's up with that. Maybe they are enlightened by the occasional fleeting bird or passing car. Or they get all riled up by the occasional cat that (right now, a long haired black cat) that happens to wonders up on the front porch.

They get really curious if I'm going in and out of the front door. Especially that Sister Callie.

And they really like sitting on that end table next to the chair. It's to the point where I can't keep them off of it. Let's just say I don't really even sit over there, or eat near that table. They can just have it.

They knock random stuff off the table. Especially that Sister Callie.  Mitch is good about just looking out the window and leaving stuff alone. Callie is just hard-headed.

So one day I was lounging on the couch watching TV.  So one day she knocked something over. And I yelled about it. She glared. I went back to watching TV.

I noticed they were really quiet.  This isn't usually the case unless they are hiding and sleeping.

I looked over and these jokers were laid out sleep.

And they, well Sister Callie, had knocked EVERYTHING off that table. Hand wipes, post cards, random pieces of paper, my wrist blood pressure monitor, scissors, crochet needle...

...And a journal that my Triple F Posse sister had given me for Christmas. Callie made sure to lay her backside right on top of it. Humph.

I wanted to GO OFF on both of them. A peaceful Mitch, with his chin resting lovingly on his paws as he sleeps, was just as guilty. Both of them needed some punishment.

But I decided to leave them alone. 

And enjoy the peace and quiet.

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  1. When they're awake, their ears are up, their eyes are WIDE open, and they are taking in the miracle & mystery of this thing called life. When your cats sleep, I bet they sleep hard because they are doing their job. If I could afford a cat(s) or dog(s) I would have one/some. Lol, I have guppies. They are nice guys but not quite the same as a four legged mammal. Consider yourself lucky. I kind of envy you.

    Dude, have you ever given your cats catnip? I think it would be like too much sugary candy for a five year old child. Just asking. Just some talk. Have a good one Ladylee.


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