Friday, July 21, 2017

Freestyles on a Friday

Yes yes, ya'll....

And you don't stop.

Because it is FRIDAY!!

But it is not payday... and that is okay. That will be next Friday.

This has been a slow week.  I'd gotten so use to getting up in the mornings and going to the hospital to be with my sister, so much so, I am in the lane heading there instead of merging into the lane that takes me to work. (My workplace was 1 mile from the workplace).

Alas she is at home and she is well. So back to my normal daily routine, which seems a bit odd.

Oh well.

I went out to lunch today to a new spot near the job called Pho King.

And it was so "phoking" good! (That's the inside joke around here, lol).

I went to lunch with my favorite Panamanian coworker. I like her. My IQ always go up a couple of points when I hang with her. And that's a good thing!

I had the egg rolls...
 And  the chicken vermecelli. There's a real vietnamese name for it. Bunt Kei something. Who knows. I speak english.
 She had the pork and shrimp version. 
And I had  a strawberry milk tea.

Tasty! Not as great as my spot, Pho Dai Lai out in Forest Park. But a great place closeby when I want some good pho or vermecelli!

That's the highlight of me week.

Oh, and signing books all week!

Yes! The paperback edition of Atlanta Noir are available two weeks early!

 I'm not sure what's up with that, but I'm not mad about it. No I am not.

My breath catches in my throat whenever I pull up Facebook or open my text messages and people have pictures of their books! WOW.

And I get to sign them. And people read my story and give me feedback on my story. How awesome is that? I LOVED-ED IT!

Get yours now!  And you know I'm going to have some giveaways. Of course! That will be soon.

Song of the Week.  I need a happy song of the week. How about that.

Joey Bada$$'s Devastated. 

I love that! That's how I feel about my first official published story! Yay!!!

Oh but wait...

Wait, wait, wait.  

I have another story coming out soon. 

We'll discuss that next week!

Ha Ha!!!

Ya'll have a good weekend!

On purpose!!

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  1. so how do I get my copy signed? I can send it to you and you send it back signed if that works for you?


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