Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday Evening Blues

I am not sure why I titled the post that.

I am not blue.

It's a bit dreary here in my beloved ATL, but it's no reason to be blue. Sure it's all hot and sticky outside, and it will probably rain at any moment... yet, it's no reason to be blue.

Title just sounds good. And I am listening to a piece of garage rock/blues music, which I will post as the Song of the Week later.

So... last week was a LONG week. My sister was in the hospital and I am happy to report that she was released yesterday. GLORY!  When they said she could go home, we packed that room up SUPER fast, in 5 minutes flat.

I have been in the hospital myself for a week in the past. I can STILL remember being wheeled out the hospital in that wheelchair. I can still feel the warmth of the sun on my face. And I never knew the sun could be THAT bright.  I don't ever want to be closed up and shut in a room for that long ever again. Ever. So I could understand the glee on her face when they said she could go home. We are praying all is good now.

So I am looking forward to a normal week of going back and forth to work and meandering around the house doing chores and writing, etc. Can't wait to get back to that.

Song of the Week. So, I must say I have heard what I think is like, the best song I've heard this year.  If I don't hear another song this great this year, then I am good. I'll take this one.

Jay-Z used it as a sample on the title track of his new CD 4:44.

Well, the music of the CD is much like the cover of the CD... not much too it. Yet it had a lot going on.

You know how you wish rappers and singers would get to the point where they could make whatever the heck kind of music they want? Trendiness be damned and all of that? Well that's what Jay-Z did. He made this CD for himself. It was him looking into the mirror rapping to himself concerning all his mess in the past. And he gave good sound financial advice. I think Jay-Z and I are the same age (mid- to late 40s), and it is what I expect from someone that age. He would sound a straight up fool trying to do all this mumble rapping. Stop it, I say. He did exactly what he should have done. Alas, that is not going to excite much interest from the masses, many of us who are realizing that jibberish and nonsensical rap is the norm.  Sigh.

And for that reason alone, it is definitely worth a listen. 

The producer is a legendary one name No. ID.  I was more interested in what he was going to do with this CD. I can appreciate that it's not a commercial venture.  And I love the sample that he used for the title cut.  I thought it was an old 70s song by some soul sista, but it's not. It came out last year, and it's by a white chick from the UK.

Hannah Williams and the Affiimations - "Late Nights and Heartbreaks"

Man oh man... how GREAT is that song? I think I'm more caught up in the whole unique story line of the song. I love any singer who can tell a story in a song, and it makes me wish we had more music with some substance like that. HUMPH.

A good find. I definitely threw that on my playlist.

And if you haven't seen the video for the 4:44 JayZ song, here it is. It might disappear, so here's the youtube link.

That video was TOO much for me. Someone needs to explain that to me. What the world was up with the contemporary dancers in the video?  Wow. I have watched it a good 10 times, and to me it represents black joy and black oppression and black pain. And we have essentially become snuff film subject matter. Sigh.

Most powerful line that has stuck with me and is this week's Quote of the Week

"Hey, I'm an innocent bystander. They sayin' I drove a getaway car, but I cannot see. I'm legally blind."

There was A LOT going on in that video. I am waiting for a good think piece on it.

And that feels good to say. Not too much music makes me think these days.

That is it for ME.

I hope to post all week. I really do. This month's offerings have been quite paltry! I have to pick it up, pick it UP!

So as always, have a great week.. .On purpose!!

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