Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Something New...

So here's my new piece of lawn equipment.

It is a trimmer.

A rather large and heavy trimmer.

A gas powered trimmer.

My last one was a battery powered one. It worked well with a rechargeable battery, but when I needed a new battery... uh, I couldn't find one.

And I liked that trimmer. It was so easy to use.

But this gas powered one... ugh. It is a bit intimidating.

Cowgirl Cre hyped me up, and told me how simple gas powered lawn gear is to use, and how to mix the gas and oil fuel. I found out I could buy it premixed, so that solves some problems.

It is big, some 6 feet long. So before the end of the month, I want to have figured it out. That is the goal. I am doing a little something in the yard every other day since my lawn dude is on "vacation", i.e., somewhere locked up in jail for who knows what. One of the other locals would tell me what happened eventually).

Right now it's so hot outside and it seems to rain spontaneously. I do not understand this. I may need to get out there at the crack of dawn. That will piss my neighbors off, making all that noise cutting grass and such at 6:30 in the morning. LOL. 

I have much to practice on. Look at the fence line:

Yes. That's gonna look right once I attack it with the new trimmer. If I can get that all lined up nice, I am a superstar!


How exciting!



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  1. I hate trimming the lawn. My trimmer is electric. I was intimidated by the mixing of the fuel so I went electric. Usually after I mow the lawn I'm feeling too lazy to trim, so yeah, my fence line always looks like the above picture. :(


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