Friday, July 07, 2017

Friday Freestyles



Today went by slowly, so slowly that this 3 day workweek felt like a 5 day workweek. I have been clock watching. And if I could find a few toothpicks to hold my eyelids open, I would be good.

I wish I had a good hiding place at work where I could take a nap. But certain folk keep notes on what you're doing, i.e., don't know how to mind they own bizness.

Humph. *foot stomp*

Today is the last day of my supervisory duties. Thank goodness for that. For the most part, people have been gone, but it has thrown me off just a tad when I have to do something administrative. Just a tad.

But today is Friday. My weekend will be my weekend. I need to go to my writing group some 40 miles away, so ALREADY I'm trying to wrap my head around that. This means that I need to have my money together and my gas together TONIGHT. There is nothing worse than thinking "Oh, I'll get up early enough in the morning to stop for gas and to stop at the ATM for money."

Uh no.

Not only that, but I need to lay my clothes out and make sure I know where my keys are.

And make sure I cut up some fruit to eat for breakfast along the way.

Ay-yi-yiiii. *palm to forehead*

And I will get it done.  Despite there still being a boil water advisory in downtown ATL.

I am still all perturbed, with the unblinking stare... with the boil water face. 

Went to sleep perturbed. Woke up perturbed.

And the local news reporting is quite fleeting on the subject. They talk about it for 30 seconds, then on to the next subject. Sigh. 

I saw a coworker in the hallway this morning. She said "LadyLee, that boil water advisory is on until Monday."

Sigh. I shook my head. "I feel like we in the Color Purple!"

We both laughed. But it's not funny. She said that if I didn't lose water pressure and the water looks clear and not turbid (with particles floating in it O_o),  then  I am fine.

None of that is happening, so I guess I am okay. I'm not gonna drink that water, tho. Nope.

Enough  of my complaining. Complaining always leave me jogging in place.

Let me reverse it, as I tend to do. I give myself a moment to whine, but I best end it with the positive. 

I am thankful for bottled water to drink. I caught a sale last night at the local grocery store: 3 cases for $10. I am keeping one case and donating the other two cases to the homeless!

I am thankful for the 40 mile drive to my writing group workshop. That quiet time is some of my best prayer time!

Work was slow, but I am thankful for my good gub'ment job. Yes ma'am. Yes sir. 

Let's move on to better things! 

Quote of the Week.  I saw this quote on a random notepad around the house. I have no idea where I heard this quote, as I probably scribbled it down from something I saw on tv or heard on satellite radio. Must be a good one if I stopped to write it down in bright red ink.

"Do not surround yourself with people who feed your dysfunction." 

 That is a lofty statement. And it only makes sense if we pause to take time to understand what our personal dysfunctions are... And who takes time to do that?

Song of the Week. So SZA has a new album out. She is part of the Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE)  camp, and since that is my favorite camp/team, I make sure to listen to whatever their artists put out. SZA is their only female artist. She has put out a couple of EPs/mixtapes, but I can't too much fool with those. She is much to cerebral, and I'm not smart enough to figure out what the heck she is talking about.

But, her debut album is out, and while it is just slightly over my head (I think I need to be a woke, 20-something, feminist black college chick), there are a couple of songs I really like: "Weekend" and  "Pretty Little Birds"

I like both of those because they are well written songs. The first one is the ultimate side-chick song. She don't like being the side chick, but she is giving in to the role. Interesting, as I haven't heard that point of view in awhile. (And it's jacked up, but she sanging good, lol). The second song has good use of metaphors. How common is that these days? And I don't  even listen to current R&B. Good to find some that I can actually tolerate.

*lee turning back to ol' school, tho*

LOL. That is it for me. I am ready for the weekend like some big things are going down!!

I hope you're ready for the weekend like you have some big things going down too!

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  1. Doctor P.,
    Hope you're okay because you haven't blogged for a bit.

    Be well.


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