Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

I haven't been around much this week, as my sister has been in the hospital and I'm trying to sit with her and be an advocate and ask questions. Her Dad is there now, so I got a chance to come on in to work. I needed to sign some paperwork due on Friday. Not a problem.

But I have a brief moment right now, so I wanted to blog. 'Tis my therapy you see.

1. Ya'll got me straight lost with this whole new scandal with Trump and his son and these meetings. I am trying to listen to what's going on, but it's getting old now. And emotionally draining.

2. Thank goodness I can turn the TV off and lose myself in a good story or a good movie. That means so much to me these days.

3. It is so hot right now in the ATL. I think it's a problem because our humidity is high too. All I know is it is a long journey walking to my car in the evenings. I cannot get the AC on fast enough.

4. A squirrel stepped out the wrong way on a power line outside the workplace and caught fire and died.

5. This killed the power line and at the same time, killed all the power in one of our buildings. It was ODD walking through that building to my own... in complete quiet, with no lights working. Imagine the things going through my mind. UGH!

6. I haven't been eating right all week. And I can feel it. Double-ugh.

7. What is this I hear about Venus going to the Wimbledon Finals?? HOORAY!!

8. I thought Wimbledon was played around the 4th of July weekend. Did they move it?

9. Copies of Atlanta Noir are shipping early. Paperbacks are available now for $10 and some change. I myself am ordering a few copies. Kindle edition is available on August 1st! Get yours!!!

10.It feels strange being at work for only a couple of hours, because I have been sitting at the hospital with my sister all week. But I am paranoid. I needed to show my face at work to avoid tomfoolery with management. Sigh. Terrible I have to navigate in such a manner, but it is what it is.

That is it for my 10 Thursday Thoughts. Hopefully all goes well and my sister and we are back to our normal routines.

That would be the best outcome of all! :)


  1. I hope your sister is feeling better soon.

  2. Anonymous11:40:00 AM

    I pray for a full and quick recovery for your sister.



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