Thursday, April 09, 2009

Adventures in Juicing

I have one of those Jack Lalanne Juicers.

You've seen those wonderful juicing informercials while you were flipping channels in the middle of the night, looking for something to watch.

Yeah, that juicer.

I like to do oranges and carrots from time to time. I've also been known to juice apples.

That's some GOOD stuff there.

But the other day, I noticed a sack of grapes in the fridge that looked like they were a day or two shy of being quite scuzzy.

So I juiced the bag of grapes.

I don't know. It don't quite look like the grape juice from the grocery store.

Looks a bit like some thin mucus, or that stuff Linda Blair spewed in The Exorcist.

But I drank it anyway. Didn't look at it, though. And it was quite good.

Next time, I'll juice some bananas...

Wonder what that will look like?


  1. Sis, I loves me some juice as well. I was just walking thru the mall the other day with some carrot juice in a clear container. The look I got...


    You're gonna have to add either some water to help the consistency or get slices of mango, pineapple or a juicier fruit to go in there. Clumpy bananas are.

  2. I am almost afraid to wonder about that...

  3. Anonymous2:54:00 PM

    I need to get me a juicer.

  4. Seems like banana juice would be thick..hmmm. I bet that fresh grape juice was good, though. I don't really drink juice, but I like it...I guess I don't drink it bc I never buy it, lol. Happy Thursday!

  5. @Hassan... Yeah, everybody was looking at you half crazy for walking around with a BRIGHT orange drink... LOL

    I think I'm going push those bananas through with some apples or something. It will be a mushy ordeal indeed!

    @King 2nd 68... Dude, I'ma need you to get off here and go study!

    Yeah, I am almost afraid to wonder about that too.

    @That Southern Black Gal... If you get one, get it off of eBay. Heck of a lot cheaper, like, half the price!

    @Aretha... Happy Thursday to you too, gal!

    Oh, the grape juice was the bomb. Just looks like some craziness, that's all. I cut my juice in half with water, so it's gonna last me awhile!

  6. Yuck! I don't believe I would be able to drink that. And banana juice?????????????????????????

  7. Ladylee I have that juicer too and it says not to put bananas in it. Too soft but if you do it, lemme know how it goes. I love the pure freshness of the juice but I sure hate cleaning that sucka afterwards. I put a plastic bag in the pulp catcher thingy, that helps out a lot.

  8. I bought a juicer three years ago...still in the box *sigh*

  9. My Aunt gave me one....and it's sitting in the corner getting dusted. Gimme some gumption LadyLee.

    Has it made your skin glow?
    Just wake up feeling good?
    Hair got sheen?
    Lose any POUNDAGE?


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