Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Mean Muggin... Any Which Way You Can.

It is funny to me how, when you ask some of the young fellas these days to pose for a picture, they always have to be all hardcore...

I thought of this when LadyTee's 20-year-old son Nell was visiting the other day...

He posed for a picture. And he was mean-muggin'...

With that silly cat Kramer.

My brother Kari, aka "Milk and Cookies" did the same thing awhile back.

Mean Muggin' with none other than Oscar-Tyrone.

(Oscar appears to have the same hardcore expression).

Now, normally, if one is going to try to be all hardcore, one would have a more sinister animal at hand, say, a pit bull or a rottweiller. Something like that.

But a cat?


I guess it's okay to get your "mug on"... any which way you can.


  1. Now see, why you gotta' bust them young men out like that?

    Just wrong.

    Although mean muggin' with a cat is a little...


  2. Hey I mean mug too LOL. You didn't have to bring them out like that lol

  3. I don't get that. I make my kid smile in his pics.

  4. Anonymous4:48:00 PM

    HAHAHAH!!! Leave them alone. Let them get their mean mug on with a cat in their lap.

  5. Different Generation. The guys of our generation were trying to be cool... These guys are all into that ice grill thing...Both generations were TRYIN to be somethin...Maybe the next generation will TRY to be for real.

  6. Bwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! That's funny mean muggin wit a kitty cat!!!


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