Friday, April 17, 2009

Milk and Cookies Prom Pics!

In the last post, I talked about my 1986 prom and the fun time I had.

(Southern Black Gal, I don't have my prom pics. They are buried deep somewhere at my mothers house.)

My brother Milk and Cookies attended 3 proms. I happened to find most of the pictures last weekend, tucked deep in the pages of an Asian cookbook of all places.

But here are a few of the pictures!

I had a huge rose bush in front of my condo. We thought it would be a good idea for him to strike a few poses in front of it. I've been in my house since 2005, so I believe this picture was taken the year before I moved,in 2004.

I told him to look off in the distance, up in the sky, as if he was pondering this thing called... life.

We had another picture in this group. He was pointing up in the sky at whatever he was staring at circa 1983's Grandmaster Flash "The Message" rap video. (Ya'll remember the guy leaning against the pole and pointing at something, lol.)

Those are hilarious... Me and my sister had a good laugh.

I do believe that was from his junior prom.

I think he attended two proms his senior year: his own prom, and then a prom out on Atlanta's west side. (He escorted 2 girls to that one. I wish I could've followed him over there and taken more pictures).

Here's a few pictures from his own senior prom.

Our Mama rented him a Camry and he took a couple of pictures with it.

I am NOT digging the mean-mugging at all. He would NOT smile for me. I suppose this is the way to look cool in your nice white suit.

This next picture: he's not even looking at the camera. He's looking at the ground.

Another pontification moment concerning life, I suppose. I am not digging the sunglasses, though. He whined about taking them off.

So, for his senior prom, I decided to follow him over to his date's house and take more pictures. I did not do this for the junior prom. I should have, because he showed up at the girl's house and there was a "prom dinner", i.e., everybody dressed up in their formal gear and having a formal dinner.

My brother walked up on that and was like "What the...?"

We never did anything like that. Ever.

For his senior prom, that didn't happen. I followed him waay the hell out to Peachtree City to his dates house. She was there with all of her friends getting dressed.

Again, I took plenty of pictures of them. He even posed with her friends.

I only included 3 here.

Now, this chick that he went to the prom with... I think she was 14 or 15 years old.

Good grief, she look like she in her doggone 20s.

There was MUCH discussion about this girl beforehand, as I ask plenty of questions just in case I have run up on a chick and bust her upside her head, lol. (Now you know I wouldn't do that-- but you gotta watch these young broads).

The first question is always "Is she black?"

I don't know what this chick was. From what he told me, she was Puerto Rican and German and Black. He went into this long story that had me seeing plenty *crickets*.

We've had LONG convos about what I would do if he ended up with some white woman. I don't care about those things, as long as it is all out of love. But doggonit, you know I had to threaten him. He can show up around me if he want to, thinking he all "that" because he got himself a white girl. He can act a jack like that if he want to... he and his woman will end up head first in the fireplace.

(Yeah, I'm bad with the threats. Better be in love, man!)

Okay, back to the pics... only a couple more.

This young lady was a friend. She was someone he liked but I don't think she was interested.

Anyway, I joked with him about it later, concerning the "poses". It was like they had been practicing posing for pictures or something.

I told them... "Ya'll posing like ya'll trying to pose for a magazine or something."


One last picture of him making sure she was situated in the car.

That is about as close to a smile as I could get from him. Sigh.

I know one thing: he was black as night in that white suit. The boy was sho nuff clean!

Prom time is a special time, one of those coming-of-age type occasions.

I had a great time at mines. I am glad I got a chance to help Milk and Cookies ready for his...

I can't wait for the time when Serenity, Southern Black Gal, LBeezy, Ali, and the rest of ya'll with boys get ready for the proms!


  1. Milk and Cookies was sho' nuff shaaaaarrrrrrp!!! And that chick was how old??? Dang she looked old!!!

  2. Nice Prom Pics....I don't think I have any of mine either(Prom Pics that is.) His date looked nice and yes, I could tell that she was Black.

    Come on Mom...Give son a break :)

  3. My Bad...That's your brother...Forgive me..

  4. Your brother is so handsome. Wow what are these young girls eating?

  5. I can't believe that girl was only fourteen's not like she's crazy developed...her face just looks soooooo much older.

    lol @ your brother...the pics of him in the shades were the funniest! So Rico Suave lol

  6. Dayum if he didn't look like Silkk the Shokker in those first few pics...

  7. Anonymous10:12:00 AM

    They looked nice. This is how prom pics are suppose to look. Not like those pics floating in email land.

  8. Prom equals money...and I have two back to back...and I never heard of junior prom "in my day" -- we would have scratched the eyeballs out of any juniors at our if you came with a date --that was another thing...I'm saving up already for all of this senior stuff it will happen before I blink an eye.

  9. Tyler ain't going to the prom... LOL!

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