Thursday, April 23, 2009

Food-for-Thought: The Ultimate Trump Card


Earlier this week, I was watching the news while I was getting ready for work, as I would do any morning...

And it was reported that the Crai.glist Killer had been caught.

Now, if you haven't heard anything about this case, you have been living under a rock. In a nutshell, there was a guy going around to hotels attacking and robbing women. He found them on Crai.gslist. He even murdered one of them.

These women, it seems, from what I understand (correct me if I am wrong), were advertising erotic services on Craigslist.

Hmmm... Selling a$$ on Craigslist. Someone needs to explain that to me.

But that's a whole nother story.

Anyway, some savvy detective work pinpointed a fella who seem to be at those hotels at the time of the incidents. Match that up with the online Crai.gslist contacts that the women had and bingo... you have a computer ISP, i.e, you have the killer.

End of story.


What really really disturbed me about this whole thing were the news reports concerning the killer's capture.

And each report, at least on the four differnt channels I watch, started out the exact same way. Something to the effect of...

Breaking news... the police have a suspect in custody for the Craigli.sts murder and attacks. He is 22 year-old Philli.p, of Boston.

Okay. That is cool. All your information there. I know they are breathing a sigh of relief. Whewww!!

Now, I can sell a$$ on Craigs.list without worrying about some fool trying to rob or kill me.

Can someone please enlighten me on that whole concept? And additionally, why there were 600 additional lists for these precarious "erotic services" DURING the time that this dude was running around attacking, killing, and robbing chicks?)

Anyway... that's not what deeply disturbed me. It was the pained and shocked looks on the newscasters faces when discussing this further.

"He's such a handsome young man! An All-American boy, a pre-med student, engaged to his beautiful fiance. Just a great guy, strapping good looks."

Oh my goodness. They went on and on. On and on and on about how "perfect" this dude was.

I lifted my hands towards my bedroom ceiling and exclaimed "Perfect White People!!!"

I sighed heavily. Then I went back to tugging on my socks, getting ready for work.

Perfect White People.

I once thought white people were perfect. That was before I got into my twenties and started forming friendships with them. I have a few who've known me since I was oh, I guess about 19 or 20. I look at them and think "That's my sista right there!" or "That's my brother!" I mean, we tight like that. They verbally chin-check an Oldgirl when she needs to be chin-checked. They also love me just as I am.

And I've always told them something that has left me in awe: Hell, they got more problems than I got! Cry like I cry. Tare up stuff like I do. They got bad habits. They fail at stuff just like me!

And how is that so? Their life is suppose to be perfect!
When did this fallacy take root in society?

So when I see the "clutch the pearls" moanings of a newcaster decreeing how some gorgeous white boy who seems to have it all, doing something illegal, or God forbid, MURDERING people...

I hate to say it, but it just rubs this Oldgirl the WRONG way.

Now, uh, if it was one of "us" *Lee rubbing her brown skin on the back of her hand*who got caught, then it would've been different.

"That's them niggas black people for you!! Always into something!"


Don't look at me in that tone of voice.

Don't cuss me in the comment section. You KNOW I am right.

Stereotypes rule the world!!!

But, let me tell you something: there is ONE thing that trumps stereotypes.

One thing.

And that is Heart Condition.

Me and my baby blog sista, that chicken[head] Serenity3-0 were scarfing HARD through the biblical Book of Proverbs back in March. We'd read a chapter a day and we'd discuss back and forth online all the stuff that really stuck with us. Those were some intense convos we had, hard examination of ourselves in light of what we were reading. (Ya'll know how talkative that doggone Serenity is, lol).

I like this type of thing. Grandmama has a degree in bible psychology. I've learned much in convos from her. I think looking at the bible from a psychological and human nature standpoint runs rampant in my genes, lol.

One of the major themes Serenity and I noticed woven tightly all throughout Proverbs was that of really taking personal stock and being intensely and critically aware of what is going on deep within your heart.

Hmm... there were a TON of scrips on that very issha. A couple of verses that I remembered while watching the newscasters moan and wail about how "perfect" this killer wers:

Proverbs 23:7 As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he...

Whatever you think about yourself, that's what you are, babes. You can't even fake the funk on that one, Boo. It's gonna ALL come out sooner or later. And it don't matter what other people think about you, it's what you think of yourself that is key.
But more importantly, another verse kinda lights my hair on fire, lol...

Proverbs 4:23 Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

I ain't a fan of King James English. Nope. LadyLee is ebonically inclined, for the most part. I read about 6 different versions of the bible. So here are some translations of the prior verse that cleared things up from me.

Proverbs 4:23 Above everything else, guard your heart. It is where your life comes from.

Proverbs 4:23 Keep vigilant watch over your heart; that's where life starts.

Oh, and here's a translation that will make you see where I'm going with this!

Proverbs 4:23 Be careful what you think, because your thoughts run your life.

Whoa, shawty...

Strong wording there like "be careful"... "keep vigilant watch", "above everything else, guard"...

Goodness. MUST be important, eh?

Your thoughts run your life.

You know, I don't see any caveats included there. Like, this doesn't apply if you's white. This is the case if you's black, though. Now, if you are Chinese, well, this don't apply.

Nope. None of that. This goes for EVERYONE breathing. Atheist, Christian, WHATEVER.

Heart Condition TRUMPS Stereotype

All day. Er'day. From the beginning of time. Until the end of time.

Yes, I perused this deliciously good looking white boy, all smiles standing there posing with his beautiful blonde fiance. She caught herself a future doctor! Good for her. Becky's life is SET.

Yet and still, there was stuff going on in this man's thought life, his heart.

Because, you see, you just don't up and go out and start robbing and killing folk. You been thinking about that ish for a minute. No, that's not possible. (Feel free to prove me wrong).

And get this: the pretty fiance is hollering along with everyone else how perfect and great this fella is.

(Girlfriend let me tell you something: it's a blessing that you found out your dude had isshas before you walked down the aisle. I suggest you go on with your life. You'll understand that when you get my age in 20 years).

No. Whether you are black, white, asian, indian, alien or martian. Whatever you are... whatever religiuos beliefs you hold (or not)...

You eventually end up bringing to past whatever you are meditating on in your heart.


I think this is why I get upset when I see weird newscasts like this. And we see it over and over ALL the time. (I know some of ya'll watch my favorite show Snapped. Let's not even talk about all the other shows, fiction or reality.)

No such thing as perfect people. Red, yellow, black, white, alien, Martian, whatever you are.

We are all under construction 'til the day we die.


Be careful what you are thinking about, what you are meditating on.

It will eventually come to past if you nuture that thing long enough

You WILL give birth to that thing.

Remember that.

Let all the peoples in the House of LadyLee grab their church fans and say "Amen".

And ladies... I'ma need ya'll not to even THINK about selling that a$$ on Crai.gslist.


  1. wow... you were right.
    You're giving me a lot to chew on for right now.

  2. once in a while, I gotta give you something to chew on, babes!

  3. You just knew that I had something to say.

    First off in the interest of equal information, a large number of women selling “services” on social networking sites are African-American. I know that you didn’t say otherwise but, I’m just pointing that out. To that little stupid indiscretion there are no color lines.

    I was not born a black child so I can never dispute anyone’s learning or view of the world, nor would I want to. But I would suggest that while white people do have an unequal perception in American media, the realty of “perfection” is a two way street. As the line from the Rogers and Hammerstein musical goes, “you have to be carefully taught.” Those who teach us about ourselves are not exempt from setting the record straight.

    The main ingredient as I see it is the perpetuation of the media as too what is right and what is wrong. What is beautiful and what is ugly. What is smart and what is dumb. The dumbest person I know in the lime light today is Gl.en There is no doubt in my mind that if he were of any race other than white, he wouldn’t be on the air. That’s because as a white man, regardless of his true intellect, he's considered smart. Even a right wing wacko like Lar.ry El.der couldn’t keep his show. That’s because even black men of conservative logic can’t stay on the air. In the eyes of many, he simply didn’t look smart enough, and while I would never agree with his politics, it's a shame that it came down to the very thing you mentioned. He wasn't "perfect".

    I guess what I’m saying is that you can never let the American media dictate anything. News organizations tend to be a boiling pot for racial divides. But there’s a reason for that. Because with every racial spin you put on any story, the more “legs” the story has. They know the stereotypes of the 1950’s still sell and they know even if you don’t agree with them; no one will ever call them on it. So the media as it were, gets to decide what “perfect” is and they will bank on the idea that everyone in America will be “carefully taught” what they have decided.

    One of my favorite people is Dr. Michael Eric Dyson. I have had the honor of meeting him and talking with him on a few occasions. He said once that, “Black folks need to understand that they aren’t “black folks. And white folks need to understand that they aren’t “white folks”. It took me forever to figure what he was saying. Despite the fact that I am a white guy, I’m nowhere near perfect so it took a while. But in short he was suggesting that none of us are the people that our society claims that we are. That’s why race will continually be an issue in America. That’s why some folks will always be seen as “perfect” and some not. Because we really have never understood who any of us are. And as simple as it sounds...we’re just...people. No one better, no one really worse.

    Sorry for blogging on your blog, but like I said, you knew Lis that I was gonna be all over this one.

  4. @Ol' Cheap Seats Terry...Good Lawd, Boy. I told you to go read it to make sure I ain't offending you white peoples. And here you go blogging in the comment section.

    The sistas selling a$$ on Craigslist! What is the world coming to!?

    *Lee passes out on the hard concrete*

    I thought that was a white girl thang! I didn't write that in the post, but I see you know me pretty well. I stand corrected, Boo!

    That was groovy what you said there, bruh. Groovy.

    I don't like the media, and what they portray. I didn't care about hearing how perfect this dude was. He is a perfect killa, that's what he is! And he's pleaded not guilty. Dude, they got your computer ISP, your blackberry info, ALL of THAT. Ugh.

    You know Terry, if the Media would STOP reporting on the economic crises for 6 months, this whole thing will take care of itself.

    In other words, our thoughts are influenced and shaped by the continuous mess shoveled to us by the news casts. That's why we got to be diligent and careful about what gets into our hearts. We start producing that craziness in our lives afta awhile.

    Thanks for the soapbox comment! I thought I would get either a "Leave it up, Lis!" or "Take that mess down, Lis!" out of you. You gave so much more. You brought the dessert and wine to this "food for thought"!

  5. Thanks for this post!

    "Whatever you think about yourself, that's what you are, babes." These words ring so true.

    About that young man...if he were black it the description during the "breaking news" segment would have been 22 year old, african american, phillip xyz. But I'm not going to start a gripe.

    Thanks so much for the food for thought! I need to make my way through proverbs myself.

  6. This was a great post and all I can say is: Amen.

  7. Anonymous10:53:00 AM


    Both you and Terry said alot! I'm shock too at the sistas selling a$$ on Craiglist.

    I'm not a fan of King James either. I need up to date language! You said something right here: "Whatever you think about yourself, that's what you are".

  8. You mean to tell me I shoudl take down all of my craigslist ads? LMAO... However will I afford all those shoes?!
    Seriously, I think back in the day I thought white people were different, but then I thought rich people were different too. I thought they didn't have problems b/c they had money. Money can fix a lot of problems, but not all. I learned this when I started taking honors classes in high school and realized that they were just like me. I'm about done with even thinjking about this case, I'm still wanting to know why the sunday school teacher killed the little girl though.

  9. Amen! Now I'll go back to lurking. LOL!

  10. "Whatever you think about yourself, that's what you are".

    Amen!!! You betta preach!!!!

  11. Wow, Terry and You said it all...but I'm jumping up, standing and applauding you. (Unlike my goofy "anonymous" poster, who is still at it..I'm keeping my underwear on...lololol..She still
    writes me and tells me she's tossing her panties in the sky...what can I do Ladylee??)

    Anyhow..I'm not surprised at people selling a$$ on Craigslist or any other medium..Times are hard and people are trying to get that money in the worse way. Why wouldn't the world's oldest profession not upgrade??- :)

    Anyone who has grown up amongst whites as I have knows that their lives are just as flawed as anyone elses..but like you said...The media tries to sell you the ideal of the "perfect white life"..Which is why everyone is "shocked" that this "perfect guy" could do something like this. Probably why he felt he could get away with it.

    Incredible post!

  12. *waving the church fan with Martin Luther The King on it*lol



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