Monday, April 13, 2009


Good Evening!!

Look at me, posting all LATE on a Monday night.

Blog fam yells "It's almost midnight, Oldgirl!"

Happy frickin' Midnight!!!!!

(You will be alright. You are reading this on Tuesday anyway. SUE ME).

Anyway, how was your Easter? Or should I say-

How was your Resurrection Day?

Mine was cool.

No, I didn't go to Chuuuuch. I never go to church on a holiday. That's when peeps who don't go actually go. They can have my seat.

I stayed in the house.

Now, LadyTee had been on me all week about proofreading her History class research paper. I heard about this all week.

"I'ma come over on Sunday, Lee."

"That's cool."

I didn't know this broad meant she was coming over on Sunday morning.


She called me up. I was snoozing.

She was talking LOUD. I thought she was yelling at me. I soon realized that her phone is just loud. She was right around the corner at school, and was on her way.

She was ringing the doorbell 10 minutes later.

I was still sleepy, looking crazy. And irritable as hell.

She knows me, so she ignores me. I got myself up, got dressed and walked around a bit.

(I tend to get in my right mind after some 2 hours, lol.)

But I read her paper, and she made the corrections. My sister Kentucky printed it up...

And we were all HAPPY!!

We watched the movie Lakeview Terrace. Great movie. Really good.

(Not a feel good Easter movie. You'll have to go rent The Ten Commandments with Carlton Heston if you want that.

LadyTee and her daughter left around 1:00 in the afternoon.

Kentucky was lurking in the kitchen, while I lounged on the sofa. I asked about the Easter ham and turkey and fixings.

She looked at me like I was half crazy.

(I guess that meant she wasn't going to cook. HUMPH).

So, I, LadyLee, cooked.

Not the traditional fare, though.

I fried up some FISH, babes!!!

Some fish, oysters, and hush puppies.

The oysters, on the left side of the picture, were big as fish planks. I have to remember to get the small oysters next time. They were big, and they were good, though.

Those hush puppies were OFF THE CHAIN.

They were some brand I'd never seen before: Savannah Classics.

I bought those at the Black People's Kroger over on Cleveland Road. (I have no idea why I was all up in there, because every negro in ATL was up in there in Saturday. Even white folk were all up in there! *crickets*) They don't have those at the White people's Kroger on Moreland. Those were some GOOD hushpuppies!

And uh...

This one goes out to those bloggin' New Orleans natives - the LBeezy, Ali, and Cycere Sister.

I hooked up the Barbeque Shrimp!!

I've found only one place in the city where I can get head-on shrimp. (You find them all over the place in New Orleans). I've been working on that recipe off and on, but it'll never be as good as any original New Orleans version. It was good, and it was spicy!! (Couldn't make it too spicy because Kentucky be looking at me like I'm crazy if I do, lol).

We even had some french bread.

Now that's what's HOT.

But I got my eat on. I like to eat what I want on the weekends.

Back to my fruits, veggies, salads and grains on the weekdays. (HARD SIGH).

It was a great day over all. We had some serious 'itis.

The kitties were even content.

That crazy cat Kramer was happy because the house was bustling with activity. I had to yell at him to calm down a whole lot.

Oscar-Tyrone, on the other hand...

Is it me, or does he look a bit, I don't know... annoyed?

He sat in the living room window most of the day, enjoying the birds and squirrels, catching the nice Easter breezes...
I don't like the way he was glaring at me.

Maybe he was thinking of how he could steal and hide my camera?


Hope you all had a great Easter...

I know I did.


  1. Ok, the barbeque shrimp looks delicious(and so does the rest of the food!) I'm going to have to look some up at the French Quarter Fest this weekend.

    I had to work Easter but, I managed to cook for the family while yes, watching my dvd of The Ten Commandments with Charleston Heston and Yul let it be written, so let it be done.

  2. Hello

    I don't think I've introduced myself. I've been seeing your replies at other sites and thought I'd be nosey and stop by yours. Ii don't know if I can continue to do this. See, your writing is good but yo' food is what caught this black mans eye. Them fried Oysters were talkin' to ME. You could make someone jealous.

    I was going to invite you to stop by my blog when you had a chance but all you are going to see over there is a big Gorilla ...seriously.

    Plus, it's ... well I've been sharing my lifes journey's not for everyone.

  3. Anonymous10:08:00 AM

    My Easter was ok. Went to 8 oclock service. Went home, made breakfast and took a 3.5 hr nap.

    That fish looks delicious. You can keep the oysters.

  4. @Ali... Ah yes, the French Quarter festival. When is that?

    My BBQ shrimp aren't as good as they are down there. I don't know if I can ever match it!

    @CareyCarey... I been on your site reading whenever I hit past Blu's blog. I am just a vile LURKER, that's all! LOL.

    Thanks for stopping by my spot:)

    @That Southern Black Gal...You don't like Oysters? What's wrong with you?

    A 3.5 hour nap. DANG!!! That's what I call a NAP!!

  5. This weekend. I'm going saturday even though it's supposed to rain.


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