Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just Wait...

I was looking out the window here at work over at the fancy restaurant directly across the street and I saw something that peaked my interest.

There were young girls in fancy dresses and guys in tuxedos going into the restaurant.

You know what that means... It's Prom Time!!

Yes, the Prom. You remember the prom-- getting your hair done, picking out that fancy dress, riding in a fancy rented car, having the hot prom date!

It made me think of my prom.

My prom was some 23 years ago. I went with my mother's friend's son Reggie.

("Ma, I want to go with HIM. You think if I ask him, he'll take me?")

And this "HIM" was what I considered GROWN.
21 years old.
(That was grown, as I was only 16. He was OLD).

And he was cute. Thin as a rail. He was a taller redbone version of Prince... with an afro and a nice mustache. He walked real slow-like, like he didn't have a care in the world.

Like I said, he was my mother's friend's son. He was a quiet dude, quieter than myself. And he was a Morehouse man! I made it a point to speak to him when he came to my house with his Mom, or when I went over to his.

"Hey Reggie!"

"Hey Lisa," he'd reply... Then go back to whatever he was doing.

*Lee goes off to self and basks in her own giddiness*

Somehow I worked up the nerve to ask him to my prom.

And he said he'd take me.

Cool. I was going to the prom with a grown ass Morehouse man!!

My mother made my dress. It was a knee-length white satin get-up with a lace jacket. My mother's friend lent me her 1 carat diamond earrings. I even bought some satin white pumps with a rhinestone paisley imprint (hush Serenity 3-0).

I was looking good, ya'll.

Reggie showed up looking all dapper in his black tuxedo, afro freshly picked out and a little flat on one side, lol.

We had a good time. There was a lot of "Who is LadyLee with????" when I walked in the door holding this grown man's hand.

We sat at a table with my friends and we all talk. He even went and got us some punch. Reggie was a little more talkative than usual. But about as talkative as Prince would be. (So that ain't saying much).
My friends liked him. I liked him too.

We even got out there on the dance floor!

He was a good slow dancer, lol.

We were there for a couple of hours. He took me to Red Lobster after the prom. I had the popcorn shrimp and he had the shark.

When he ordered the shark, I thought "This Reggie is a bit dangerous!"

He even ordered a drank.

A real drank with liquor in it!

(Yeah, a bunch of folk were there from school. They even saw him order a drink, which was scandalous enough. They were saying all kinds of things after I told them that he ordered the shark.)

I have to admit, that was one of the best dates I've ever had. Something I will always remember indeed.

He took me home, and we talked at the door for awhile. I was thinking "Please don't let this man try to kiss me. I don't like him like that!"

Let's just say I was the talk of the class the following week, lol.

His mother said "Lisa, he sure is talking about you. Reggie had a good time."

(Yeah. LadyLee had skills even as a 16- year-old. Yes.)

I will ALWAYS remember my senior prom.

I didn't get to help my sister with her prom. I was living in New Orleans at the time, and I commissioned LadyTee to get her together. (You did a great job LadyTee!)

But what has tripped me out when it comes to proms is my brother Kari, aka "Milk and Cookies", and his proms.

And Milk and Cookies was born when I was 17 years old. In other words, it was the same as me having my own baby to deal with. He's the "baby" I never gave birth to, but still my "baby".
My mama has always said "He your child. You the one that raised him."
This has irked me at times. I've snatched him up a time or two and let him know that I didn't lay down and give birth to him, so stop giving me grief!

Now, I ALWAYS laugh at the LBeezy, Serenity 3-0, and That Southern Black Gal when they talk about the things their little boys get into. I always think to myself:

Just wait 'til ya'll gotta teach them boys how to drive.
Just wait 'til ya'll have to have the "birds and the bees" talk with them.
Just wait 'til ya'll have to console them as they wail about some young skanky skeezer lady that has broken their hearts.

Just wait!!
Come on, Chele... Can I get an "Amen!!" on that one?

These chicks got A LOT to look forward to.

What I didn't expect was how much it takes to get a young man ready for his prom.

Goodness. Not as bad as getting that dress together for a chick and what-not.

But there is more to it than the mere slipping on of a simple tuxedo... HARD SIGH.

Milk and Cookies went to 3 proms. Oh, the convos we had about him getting his ride together, getting his clothes together, going to get the haircut, were quite stressful. GEEEE-ZUSSSS!!!

And... he christened me his "Official Photographer".

Me, the Oldgirl... And my BOOTLEG disposable cameras.

This weekend, my sister Kentucky and I were talking about recipes for curry chicken. I ran out to the garage and retrieved a few Asian cookbooks.

We opened one and lo and behold, there were a SLEW of Milk and Cookies prom pictures.

(Tayari, these are the ones I was looking for to send to you for that project you were working on a while back. Next time, come through and just copy away!)

So, I thought I would post them. I know he lurks over here, so he will get a kick out of these.

Milk and Cookies is always good for a good story and a good laugh.


To be continued...


  1. You'll be around. I'll just call you! Better yet...I'll just move to ATL!

  2. And I'm going to laugh just as hard at you!!!


  3. Ah prom, good times. I had a blast at my prom...I was the MC.

  4. Where are your prom pics with the white satin pumps with a rhinestone paisley imprint?


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